Best foundation for OILY SKIN?

  1. MAC Studio Fix is the very best for oily skin I think.
  2. Hi! I'm looking for a very natural, light foundation that's good for combo/oily skin but still gives good coverage. I'd prefer something with a somewhat matt-ish finish but still has a radiance to it, and something that's definitely not heavy looking and doesn't make you look like you've got a lot of makeup on.

  3. Chanel Mat Lumiere!

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  4. My everyday go-to is Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, but from what you want in a foundation perhaps Giorgio Armani's Lasting Silk, Luminous Silk, or Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau would be better for you. I own Lasting Silk, which is supposed to be longer lasting than Luminous Silk but I haven't personally tried it. I tried a sample of Lingerie de Peau and fell in love with that foundation. The coverage was very good but still looked very natural. Btw, I have really oily skin, so I look for staying power in my foundations!
  5. Max factor also good for oily skin. I only blot 1 times for 8 hours
  6. how do you all feel about chanel's vitalumiere aqua? does anybody know what kind of finish it gives and what skin type it is suitable for?
  7. I have that and really oily skin, no go! It slides off my face.
    I am still searching for the perfect foundation for my skin, the best so far:
    YSL Teint Resist
    Shiseido Sun Protection liquid foundation--I have mixed Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua w/ OK results.
    Revlon ColorStay

  8. I heard this is being discontinued, have you heard that?
  9. I sincerely hope not! I'm still sour over them dc'ing Pro Lumiere :sad:! But I haven't heard anything bout Mat?

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  10. Have you tried Bobbi Brown's Skin foundation, I have really oily skin and I live in a hot and humid region and this one really works for me.
  11. Wow, really? That will be next on my "try" list! Thanks!
  12. I've heard one or two UK YouTuber's say it--Fleur? and HollyYMBB Because of Perfection Lumiere they are discontinuing Mat and (the already) Pro. I wanted to try it but when I heard this I backed off. Maybe it's UK only?

    Edit: found Holly's blog post:
  13. And I don't use any primers with this, the whole routine is Bobbi Brown Oil Control Lotion SPF 5 followed by the foundation and then I dust with Bobbi Brown Loose powder or the Powder Illuminating foundation.

    Also I have noticed with me its has to do a lot with the application, I used to apply with a Bobbi Brown foundation brush or MAC 186 but realized I get better results with these Sigma Round Top Synthetic Kabuki - F82 and ELF Powder brush

    The application looks great and I don't get that oily, I just blot/powder after say 4 hours which is pretty good for me.
  14. Thanks for the tips! I agree about application method, I use the Sigma F84 and the Real Techniques buffing brush.