Best Foundation for Combo Sensitive Acne-Prone Skin*

  1. i am still looking for the right makeup foundation for me!!
    i am a combo (T-zone oily and the other area are mostly normal or dry) and quite sensitive or you can say acne prone skin....yellow/olive undertones!

    i have been trying a few foundation and currently using GA luminous silk, it all depends on weather, if it is cold, dry day it stays for pretty good....but if its abit warm or humid, i need facial blotting paper after few hours(mostly Tzone).... and i am not sure coz it sometimes i see new acne when i remove my makeup, but sometimes it does not, i am not sure if it is the foundation or other reason could get me new acne...coz everytime are varied~:hysteric:

    so...i am juz wondering if there is any good oil-free foundation suggested? for combo/acne prone skin...yellow/olive undertone!

    THANKS!!!! MWWWUAHH xxx :heart:
  2. Try Everyday Minerals, they have 4 formulas for different skin types and will have one for combo skins. Best part is you can order up to 3 shades of foundation at a time in whatever formula you wish, FREE, you just pay shipping by Paypal. No limit to number of sampling times. They have more than enough shades for yellow/olive skin. Just read their FAQ page first.
  3. I have older skin, but it's sensitive and acne-prone, and I perspire a lot. I'm using Trish McEvoy liquid foundation--it's very thin and light. Can't say how it would perform on young skin, but it's worked well for me, and I rarely find a foundation I like.
  4. Agree. I use everyday minerals and I love it. It looks natural and smooth and doesn't break me out.
  5. oh thanksss! thats good they can order free sample, coz i often wanna try out the right thing and right shade.....thanks for letting me know...yet i will haf to search out where about in UK has it!! :heart:
  6. thanks for replying!!!! i will give it a try!!!!!:rolleyes:
  7. i have simular skin and I use Bobbi brown oild free foundation it gives great coverage and does not make me break out- perfect
  8. hmm i tried the everyday minerals samples nd i didnt feel like they provided great coverage.... maybe i just look that bad! =( lol
  9. I love SKII's foundation. I have the same skin type and I've tried almost every foundation I can get but sometimes still get pimples here and there. After I start using SKII foundation, I am acne free and the color is so natural it combine with my skin color so well. People don't even know I have foundation on!
  10. I have very oily combo skin and have recently added Cosmedicine Medi-Matte Face Tint & Oil Control Lotion (from Sephora) to my moisturizers, and now my face is less oily at the end of the day! I mix it with two other lotions, so it's only 1/3 strength, but I could increase it if I needed to. And I have been using Bare Escentuals for 10 years and am completely devoted.
  11. One more thing! I am also very acne prone, and have not had a single breakout since adding this to my regimine. Very happy!!