Best Foundation/Concealer for evenings/parties

  1. I am trying to find a nice coverage foundation and concealer that is suitable for parties.. something luminous and fresh-looking..

    I am so used to dusting a thin layer of powder foundation over a hint of concealer that I have no idea what to use for an even, professional looking coverage.. :confused1:

    any help?
  2. I love Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation. I think its light but glowing! I was using Laura Mercier's foundation but found this better for my skin.
  3. ^ Where can you find the silk foundation?? I tried looking for it on Sephora and I couldn't find it.
  4. Certain Nordstrom's have a counter... well I get mine at the Nordstrom at South Coast Plaza... try looking at their site:
  5. for nice coverage i think Kryolan is suitable for parties and fresh-looking.. try supra color from this brand ,, you can find it in Qintar near Hammar ain in the same road
  6. CoverFX has a cream foundation that I use as concealer. It's dewy and very full coverage but you can use it as foundation if you just use one, maybe two swipes of your brush for your entire face.
  7. Use Gorigio Armai compact powder or foundation i can not tell how it is amazing for the daily use.
  8. I like Gosh cosmetics during the day - but for better coverage i switch to Clinique at night. It feels great and settles right into my skin. The coverage is great and it's so versatile x
  9. Get a nice finishing powder to last you all night. It will keep the makeup in tact and looking fresh. La Mer translucent powder (itsnicole and jc2239 will agree with me) it's very nice. Very fine and it is just shimmery enough to give you a pretty glow, but it's not like big chunks of sparkles. ;)
  10. Well said! :tup: