Best for work bag: Dior, BV or Miu Miu

  1. I just realised that I am starting in a new job in a headquarter of international consulting firm with a hefty raise. I can't think of a better way to celebrate this than buying a new bag :yahoo:

    These are my favorites so far:

    Dior cannage medium sipped hobo

    Bottega Veneta Campana in brown

    Miu Miu coffer


    I don't have to carry around files or folders, I think. Dresscode is formal :wtf: (I get to buy new clothes as well :nuts:)

    From day to evening bag would be perfect, I don't like huge bags, I like shoulderbags and I wear a very thick coat in winter time

    Which one would you buy? If none of these, please feel free to suggest something else.

    I have 6 weeks to decide and buy the bag, then I'll return back home and won't be able to visit bagstores :sad: I want to make closer contact with the bag before I buy it :rolleyes:

  2. Personally, I'd go for the Miu Miu but I've been dreaming about that bag for a while !!! I like the Dior too.
  3. Have you considered the smaller version of the Chanel cerf tote? I think it would move beautifully to and from the office. Otherwise, the Celine Bittersweet is my favorite hobo at the moment, and as someone who prefers handheld bags, that's one heck of an endorsement!
  4. i can't see the BV :sad:
  5. lately I am not a fan of Dior. BV is a very nice and soft bag. Anyway, I voted for a Miu Miu bag as I think it looks so great when carrying. I don't like it at first on display but after try it on, it looks so much better than you think.... GO FOR MIU MIU!!
  6. How about one of the dressier BV's? Like the Sloane or Montaigne. The hobo silhouette may not be as dressy as you want. I think the Miu Miu is a lovely bag but is so identified as one of the "It" bags. You could go with a subtler Miu Miu. I'm not a fan of the Dior bags so I'll pass on any opinions there.
  7. BV all the way.
  8. I like the miu miu of the two bags pictured. Which BV did you have in mind?
  9. Great, I myself am leaning towards the Miu Miu. Although I took a very hazardous step to the Balenciaga forum and am now hesitating between Miu Miu and Bbag for work.

    But fear not, I have set my sight on BV and will purchase one when the time is right :rolleyes:
  10. I like the Dior of the two shown. It is a little dressier, for formal work dressing.
  11. I'd say Miu Miu, but I'm biased - I've been eyeing that bag!
  12. So I made a little tour in boutiques here in Paris in hunt of the new bag. I fell in love with the Celine Bittersweet, thanks Evoque for the tip.

    It's so soft so elegant and has lots of little pockets inside to organize my stuff :love: Sadly it is handheld but maybe I could live with it.

    Still can't forget the Coffer though, but at least I've narrowed my list to two. Bbags didn't impress me and Dior lacks something. BV: what can say other than that I want one someday.
  13. Oh, it's got to be BV . . .So delicious! Let us know what you decide . . .
  14. Bottega Veneta! I must credit Jennifer Aniston for getting me into BV, :lol:
  15. I am so biased for the Miu Miu, but the Dior is a little more formal. Heck, why not treat yourself to both ;).

    Congrats on your new job - how exciting!!

    let us know what you decide!!