Best for undereye circles/bags?

  1. I have the darkest circles ever. And its only me, my mom nor my dad suffer from this plight. le sigh~ Currently using Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair eye cream, its okay. I don't think it helped with the dark circles or the wrinkles.

    The only thing that I know that really work for me are these eye masks from Japan. They are called Bright Up Nano Eye Mask. I order them online from yesstyle (

    But after awhile, the circles come back. I only use them before I have something where I need to look my best for (parties, events, and etc).

    Also, I know that where I live there is a good plastic surgeon who can apparently laser the dark circles away, but its terribly expensive....

    I guess I'll just look like a raccoon for the rest of my life...
  2. Hi guys, I have chronic undereye circles...No amount of sleep/stress reduction/tea bags/cucumbers ever help.

    I don't use eye creams (used them for about a week at a time, but they didn't help). I'm thinking of buying one because I have fine lines due to dehydration (at least that's what my aesthetician told me)

    I may have allergies...doc told me that it could be a major contributor.

    I know many of you ladies probably have this problem since it's one of the top beauty pet-peeves out there. But did anyone here have any luck on making them go away? (I'm not talking about puffiness reduction, nor "use a concealer" type of fixes)
  3. Laura geller has helped ( Concealer) but like u, I have Really bad allergy and sinus problems and nothing hides them are makes it go away. I've used expensive eye creams such as La Mer, renti-A but nothing has helped them.
  4. This is a great video from Michelle Phan on how to ease the appearance of dark circles (if you're not interested in why they appear, skip the first past :smile:):
  5. I have dark under eye circles also! I have used Clinique "All About Eyes" cream, it worked a bit but I still use Bobbi Brown corrector. The corrector completely covers any darkness.
  6. Me too. I have used Dermalogica intensive eye repair. I think it worked a bit but since I have a sinus problem the dark circles won't easily go away.
  7. Lisa Eldridge has a video--I think it's about her TV highlights--and she mentions a medical procedure that can lighten them.
  8. No. Mine are genetic, besides, my skin in the under eye area is very thin which also contributes to the darkness
  9. I've been using sk ii's wrinkle serum but just under the eyes. Far too expensive for all over the face. It's been amazing and I no longer have any puffiness at all. I also use bobbi brown's corrector underneath cle de peau's concealer for dark circles.
  10. Isn't darkness under eyes caused by blood pooled up under the skin? I don't see how any cream/serum could reduce that. If they're really bad I think looking into medical procedures is the best way to go.
  11. Im so happy with my prp therapy. Plasma rich platelet. It took 20 yrs off my face especially my dark circles and fatty bags
  12. Roc retinol correxion eye cream
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    so the other day I asked my boyfriend if he liked the new color eyeshadow I was wearing, his response, it's kind of light, I think most of it melted under your eyes... Yea,.. No it didn't...

    So any products to hide my under eye dark circles would be great. Something easy to use that I don't need a blender for.

    I don't wear foundation, concealer or a full face of make up and would really prefer not to. Just something for the dark circles.
  14. I just realized, this probably could have gone under the make up section.
    How do I get my thread moved?

    Thank you!
  15. Unfortunately, if your bags don't go away with a good diet, exercise, adequate sleep, etc, then I think the only thing that will work is blepharoplasty.