Best for travel?

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  1. I am taking a few trips this summer and will be flying. I am wondering which LV you all think would be good for travel? I was considering the Mono Speedy 30 or maybe something in Damier like the Ribera MM (if I really saved like crazy!) I would get the Damier Speedy but I don't think it will be out in time for the first trip. Any opinions would be appreciated! :biggrin:
  2. Speedy is always good, I'd say get that, of course I have a strong bias towards the Saleya (I love mine)!!
  3. I have a Speedy 40 that I use when I travel and I love it.
  4. I think the Ribera is really pretty, not as common as the Speedy.
  5. I always travel with my Vuitton Tompkins Square. It holds everything I need on the plane. The pocket on the front is great for boarding passes and such. No digging around in my bag for things I need in an instant. It's very structured and sturdy and will hold up forever. My husband uses his Vuitton Abbesses for travel. That also holds a ton of stuff. I highly recommend either won (or both!).
  6. you might not be considering this, but the Popincourt Haut would be good too. you can carry it on your shoulder, which leaves both hands free for getting your luggage around.
  7. Thank you all for the replies! Now I have even more bags to think about as I love all the ones you all suggested!!! :biggrin: It is so hard to decide. The only LV I have right now is a Recital and I have been wanting a Speedy next but the shoulder bags would be good for travel...decisions, decisions!:lol:
  8. A Speedy or a Batignolles would be great for travel.
  9. I have to agree on shoulder bags and travel. I think handheld bags are lovely, but pretty impractical for traveling esp. in airports. If you're havng to carry something such as a suitcase on rollers already one hand is not free.

    If you're like me you have coffee or plane tickets or something in the other hand usually in an airport. Not to mention all the dirt and oils that can end up from 100,000 people in and out of a place each day.
  10. I do love the Batignolles also! :love:
  11. Those are really good points. I am also thinking as much as I love Mono bags maybe I should get a Damier so I won't have to worry as much. I just wish more of the Monogram styles were in Damier. :lol:
  12. I agree. I would like a damier batignolles horizontal bag for travel and just everyday use.
  13. I would never use any LV bag that doesnt zip...when I was in France...the pickpockets were sticking their hands in womens purses...I have an LV messenger bag..I use for tickets and passports...then I bring a duffle or wheelon bag to the airplane...Just some travel hints....never use an open top bag!!!
  14. I have a keepall bandouliere 50 that I love. If you're gonna get a speedy 40, I would just go ahead and buy a keepall 45, I think they look nice (the leather in the middle gives it some structure) and you can have the nice shoulder strap, too. The keepalls are nice b/c they can be a carryon but they hold A LOT. I'm going to Florida for a week in May and I'm just taking my keepall.

    Here's my cutie in the back row lol :

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  15. I would suggest the Cabas Mezzo. It holds a ton, zips, and it's a shoulder bag.