Best Foot Cream you've tried?

  1. Mine's Shikai Foot Cream -- 'want to know what you PFers consider the best :smile:
  2. aveda foot relief! i've tried others, but always come back to the aveda one
  3. I am trying out the "Heel of Approval" from Bath and Body Works and it is pretty good! I have also used L'Occitane's lavender foot cream which is very nice but a bit pricey!
  4. I'm also looking at the L'Occitane Foot Cream -- 'want to try it but 'am waiting for some reviews.

    Thanks everyone for your replies :smile:

  5. same aveda hand and foot cream....

  6. is that a japanese brand? I love japanese products as well..
  7. omg you guys have to try the gilden tree zen forest foot cream - I use it every night and it works soooooooooo good especially in the summer when your toes are SO important!!
  8. Hi Guccigoo,

    'sounds Japanese but it's actually made in USA (Sta. Rosa, CA) :smile:
  9. I like the Bliss foot cream with the softening socks. But when I put them on to sleep, I think my feet get hot and when I wake up, the socks are always off.
  10. I read somewhere that Jennifer Lopez uses 'Barielle Total Foot Care Cream' to make her feet look gorgeous in sandals, so I tried it too and now I'm hooked. :love:


    'A luxurious, conditioning formula that softens and helps to eliminates calluses while healing chapped areas of the feet. Contains no peeling ingredients, acids or camphors, so it can never irritate the sensitive areas of your skin. Leaves your entire foot softened and silky. Total Foot Care Cream is the perfect treatment to show off great looking feet and really enhance a pedicure.'
  11. OMG.. if you guys have reallllyy tough skin on your foot, i recommend Eulactol heel balm (or Flexitol Heel balm as it is called in the US).

    It's made from urea, and although might feel a littel oily at first, cracks disappear within the first 2 days. Your feet will be transformed from hard, dry and cracked, to smooth, soft and supple.

    Its also cheap - get it from CVS, or any other pharmacy and its about $5 for a tube to last months
  12. Not very original, but I always use the Neutrogena one. I love its delicate minty smell. I use it in the evenings to avoid greasy feet during the day.
  13. I use different products. Lately it's been Boots Botanics Quenching Body Lotion. When my feet are really bad, I use Boots Mediterranean Olive Almond Sage Wonderbalm. In my purse I carry Lotus Gardens Natural Sole Food in case I need a little touch up during the day.

    What can I skin is VERY dry. :sad: