best fitting t-shirt?

  1. OK, I need to invest in some great t-shirts (not old navy or gap, although those are the staples!) but shirts similar to michael stars.... any other brands that fit great and wear well??
  2. hmm...i'm not sure if stores around you carry them, but TNA makes some nice long t-shirts that are decently priced. they're about CDN$30+
  3. Rebecca Beeson makes some great fitting and ultra soft tees. But her stuff tends to be long (almost tunic-like) and I wear mine with thick belts. James Perse have some great stuff too (aside from the usual tees, he also have some with interesting hems, scoop necks, etc.).
  4. Oh, and I just thought of one more! If you like Disney/Peanuts/other cartoon prints on T-shirts, Doe makes soft (I think they are prewashed?) T-shirts too. I have a few in a variety of colors with Snoopy.
  5. james perse t's and tanks are great, very soft
  6. ^ i agree... i often buy James Perse tees, they're super soft and comfy!
  7. thanks. i'm looking for james perse online right now!!
  8. French Connection solid shirts... I love them! (they cost about $30 each)
  9. You're going to laugh but my favorite t shirts are ridiculously cheap and sold at Kohls!

    I LOVE the So Wear v neck shirts. Very thin and stretchy. So comfortable and form fitting (I believe they run small).

    SO... Solid V-Neck Tee

    I buy these in bulk (though I admit I don't really wear t shirts) but I love them more than much more expensive brands. I love how they are super thin and soft.
  10. Perse means ass (slang) in Finnish so I thought that was a joke at first but then realized not many people here speak Finnish :lol:

    I like Eve of Eden´s shirts:yes: They´re sold at JC.
  11. i love jcrew featherweight or tissue tees - they're quite long, incredibly soft, and easy to layer. i haven't found any 'designer' tshirts that i like as much as these.
  12. I like J. Crews too.
  13. James Perse tees and tanks! :yes:
  14. Just wondering, do J. Crew tees retain their shape?

    Oh yeah, and the Gap makes good tees too for good prices.
  15. james perse
    j. crew