Best first RM MAB?

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  1. I have been seriously lurking on this forum and admiring all the RM bags and RM love.I have decided to to bite the bullet and get a MAB.What would be the best color for an RM newbie?
  2. Depends what you like!! You can't really go wrong with any of the colours... I'd say maybe a black with basketweave?? The classic!
  3. ^^ The basket weave is fierce and always looks classic, also the new colors come out soon so perhaps a nice summer shade?
  4. I would love to start of classic...
  5. Theres an old-style black basketweave MAM on RM's website. Full price but still-- they're getting hard to find!
  6. i am newbie as well and wondering which to get - either the MAB or MAM. So hard to decide! Is MAB just too big for a gal who's pretty petite? I am leaning towards the black basket weave..
  7. Black basketweave! The leather is super soft, the basketweave trim is a RM signature, and you'll use it tons!
  8. <~~ Here's another vote for black basketweave girls!

    So classic and chic! You will absolutely adore it!
  9. I'm 5'4" and don't find the MAB too big at all & they work better as a shoulder bag. The MAMs with the old harware are a little snug on the shoulder, unless you're very petite and/or thin.
  10. I looove big bags, I think the MAB is perfect! Another vote for the black basketweave!
  11. Go for the black basketweave Tomifey.. U won't regret it!
  12. I've started searching for the perfect deal...Suggestions from you gurus would be appreciated.:tup:
  13. definitely the black basketweave mAB~ i got it as my first RM and no regrets!
  14. I agree with the Black Basketweave; you cannot go wrong with that bag! It will serve you so well in so many occasions! I would go with the MAM size though, if this will be your first RM bag.
  15. I don't mean to hijack this post but I'm also thinking of purchasing my first Rebecca Minkoff bag. Why do you suggest the MAM instead of the regular if it's your first purchase?