best first boutique experience, and I may have to get my first LV..

  1. I've gone through the boutique a dozen times, but have been ignored, maybe helped twice. Today I go in and I meet this fabulous SA who really knew her stuff, I was really impressed, it was like talking to a fellow PFer, and I'm one of those people who will think too much about a purchase and will only impulse buy if they meet a very impressive SA (note the new tiffany bag on my dresser.) So she walked me through the cles' and the agendas, and I'm banking on a cles. I was thinking of buying the groom, since it fit the most. And I'm thinking about one of those pocket agendas..just don't know which one to choose! It was a fun night. :yes:
  2. im glad u enjoyed ur night!
  3. I'm glad you had a great experience. Do you mind me asking what city?
  4. Pocket agendas are cool because they're so compact.

    I'm glad you had a great experience! ;)
  5. Oh I am soo happy that you enjoyed your experience! Ha ha, now you will have a love affair with Mr. Vuitton!
  6. Yeah- a good experience... it makes shopping so much fun!!
  7. Yeah it seems awesome, now I'm not sure if I should get an epi cles to match the agenda or not!
  8. That's great! Have said it over and over...the right SA makes all the difference.
  9. That's wonderful you had a nice SA! Here's to a great start of your LV obsession....:graucho: Get the epi cles to match your agenda!