Best fashion magazine?

  1. Just curious as to what magazines you girls subscribe to for fashion. When I was in highschool I used to get cosmopolitan. But I got bored flipping through the pages since it's mainly focused on sex and everything seemed repeatative.

    I subscribed to Instyle for 3 years and then stopped. I now get Vogue and Elle and I should be getting my first issue of Harper's Bazaar in the mail next month.

    Any other suggestions?
  2. I subscribe to Lucky, which I enjoy. And I purchase the occassional copy of Harper's Bazaar, only because my sister subscribes and I read them whenever I visit her. I'm thinking about getting my own subscription because it is an excellent fashion magazine.
  3. allure...but it's more beauty and makeup sometimes. i just like that i don't have to wade through all the "101 hot summer sex positions" to get to the stuff i actually want to read. :smile:

    i like instyle sometimes, but i only buy it if i flip through it at the store and something catches my eye (probably once every three or four months). i like lucky, but it always makes me want to shop...which is probably the point. :shame: elle, vouge and harpers have too many articles...if i wanted to read that much i'd pick up my book. :smile: for me, magazines are for pretty pictures only (except jane, because it's witty good fun)
  4. i bought teen vogue, glamour (small british version) and vogue's british.
  5. im 23 and i like vogue, teen vogue, and harper's bazaar. :smile:
  6. InStyle, Vanity Fair, Glamour, the occasional Vogue
  7. I'm a huge fan of Elle & Flare.. It has simple layout, awesome articles, Good review on products, "where to find" list, and the clothes they feature in the fashion section are attainable, its not all haute couture items.
  8. Current subsciptions are to:
    Harper's Bazaar

    Can't say I have a favorite fashion mag at this point though. I get more excited over my home decorating mags these days. :shame:
  9. I love W and Harpers Bazaar. They seem to have the least ads.
  10. i have far too many subscriptions, i really need to cut down..

    uk, us and french vogue (will cancel us vogue though, it's nowhere near as good)
    uk and us elle (again, canceling us elle)
    vanity fair
    uk in style
    svensk damtidning (swedish version of hello i guess, but i don't pay for that at least!)

    and in addition i always steal my mother's tatler and condé nast traveller...
  11. I don't like it as well; may be it's because I don't like Anna Wintour (even though she is British:smile:), I think her dress sense is not worthy to be the editor-in-chief for US Vogue.

    I read:
    Harper's Bazaar (UK edition)
    Vanity Fair (excuse: it has more black letters than pictures!)

    Other than these, I read Style supplement of (London) Sunday Times, How to Spend It of Financial Times. I think these are as 'informative' :lol: as the subscriptions.
  12. this topic is near and dear to my heart, i'm a magazine journalism major :smile:.

    as far as fashion goes, i prefer W and Bazaar because i think they're the best pure high-end FASHION magazines that are readily available to consumers (i'm excluding trade publications like Women's Wear Daily). i like Vogue, but a good bit of its contents are dedicated to New York City society and socialites and things of that nature. while that's entertaining, it does take away from it's fashion content, imo.

    most other magazines, like InStyle, are about fashion but they don't pay as much attention to cutting-edge designers and new ideas - most of the stuff they show is reasonably-priced derivative of stuff that the real designers are doing, which is not nearly as interesting to me as the real deal. i can find the cheap versions myself!
  13. Instyle, Vogue and Allure.
  14. Isn't she who "The Devil Wears Prada" is based on? I heard they actually had difficulty getting some designers to put their designs in the movie to avoid ticking her off.
  15. I love Marie Claire!!!!
    Second is Lucky, then Glamour, then Allure.