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  1. What is your favorite fashion magazine and why?

    I'm thinking of getting a subscription to one but I am turned off by the ones who only have clothing that is $1500 for each piece. I seriously do not have that kind of money to spend on clothes.
  2. Well I love vogue best, but Elle is very good as it has alot of high street alternatives and lots of different priced designs in there :smile:
  3. I love Harper's Bazaar the most. They also have high-street clothes alongside couture.
  4. I think Vogue is the best, although I like that Elle and Bazaar have "cleaner" layouts... more use of white space... LOL can you tell I work in a design firm...

    For affordable clothes, Lucky is a good publication.
  5. Harpers and I used to love Instyle
  6. Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.
  7. I love InStyle and Lucky!
  8. Lucky is the BEST....they have deals and steals in the back, and chances to win things as well. They also have a section in the back that lists cool places to buy things local. I also love InStyle
  9. Instyle and Elle
  10. I like Vogue and In Style as well as Harper's Bazaar.

    The ads in Town and Country are amazing for jewelry.

    Don't care much for Elle.....for some reason it bores me.
  11. I love Vogue purely for the style and trends, but as others have said, Elle tends to have more reasonably priced items showcased.
  12. Another vote for Lucky, which has the perfect blend of high- and mid-range clothing.
  13. I love Elle and Lucky!!
  14. Vogue is like Eye- and Brain- Candy...gorgeous to look at, but not too practical.

    In Style and Harper's are awesome for attainable fashion, and both have fabulous layouts.

    Lucky is amazing. I've bought lots of stuff after seeing it in Lucky, and actually won one of their contests!
  15. I love Vogue and In Style.