Best Fashion Magazine to subscribe in for a 24 years old? :)

  1. hey girls! just wondering coz im thinking of giving a subscription to my friend as a gift.. we're about the same age and she's very fashionable and loves classic luxury pieces. she's a bit on the tight budget side though but is up to date in fashion and fashion+celeb gossip...

    i'm choosing between vogue, teen vogue, w and harper's bazaar (all U.S.) i put teen vogue there because it may be the most budget friendly out of all..

    what about harper's bazaar U.S. is it nice? what do u gals think?:smile:
  2. I subscribed to all of them except the teen vogue. I think Vogue is interesting, sometimes I like the ads more than the articles. Harper's is also interesting to read. I think you can choose any of them. But wouldn't teen vogue be a little more for younger girls? I think Harper's, or Vogue would suit her best.
  3. I like Vogue out of all of them. W and Harper's are good also, but I feel as if there isnt enough in them. Teen Vogue is aimed toward the younger crowd. My favorite magazine is Elle because I love the articles, editorials, and the features.
  4. I'm going to be 21 this year and still subscribe to Teen Vogue. They feature a lot of the pieces I'm interested in (the "fun" lines from Chanel, LV etc.) So I'd go with that or Harper's Bazaar. I love that one as well.
  5. There are discount magazine subscriptions on eBay and some websites. You can get a magazine subscription for as little as $3 a year. In that case, why not get her all four?

    I like all the magazines. Teen Vogue is young and fun, a fresh spin on how to put clothes together; Harper's Bazaar is the "edgier" "Vogue," Vogue is the fashion magazine, and W has more avant garde spreads.
  6. I'm struggling with this one because there are so many. I don't subscribe (though I probably should) to any. I usually go to the store and pick the ones that have the interesting stuff for the month. Most are not consistent enough for my tastes. I may try ebay out like sonya said though.

    BTW OT, I only subscribe to Us Weekly and my subscription is ending (I will not be renewing) with Vibe Mag.
  7. Out of the three, I like Harper's Bazaar the most. I like the large format of W and the editorials, but I don't always like the articles. Vogue has a lot to read, but I think the fashion spreads are better in Harper's.

    If you're getting discount subscriptions from a website, don't use They ripped me off. I never got my subscription that I ordered 6 months ago and they haven't refunded my money. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
  8. hmmm... i'm kind of scared to order discount magazine subscriptions.. anyone tried this already?

    sonya, what do you mean when u say that harper's bazaar is the edgier vogue? is it younger?

    so between vogue and harper's bazaar should i stick with HB for something new? btw, are all items featured in these magazines expensive? what about the reads? what kind articles are mostly found in both?

    Thanks for all the help girls!!! :smile: you see, i try to be a thoughtful girl friend but i can only give her one, hehehehehe!
  9. I always enjoy Shop, etc. It has great coupons in every issue! :yes:
  10. vogue, harper's bazaar...I've subscribed to each since I was 17 or 18 and I highly recommend it! Geez, I've been reading each since I was 13 or 14 ;)
  11. I say W. it's much more cutting edge and the editorials are awe inspiring!
  12. British VOgue!
  13. i'd love british vogue but it will turn out too expensive!!!

    bluekit, they say shop inc. will end publication soon...
  14. Hmmmh, then I'd go for Harpers Bazaar. Its such a great fashion magazine and allthough the clothes in it are expensive, I think it has a lot of great fashion ideas and tips :smile: