Best Facials of NYC ???

  1. hey all! Hope someone can help me. looking for a new place to get a facial. Some place that doesn't cost an arm and a leg would be great!

    I have some coupons for OASIS day spay - 20% off but its 20% off of a 60-minute signature facial which i think costs roughly $120-$150 ?? not sure. I'm trying to conserve money (hahahahahaha.ha.....ha....) so that i can move into a fabulous apartment in the city lol

    no but really, anyone know of a great place, not unsanitary that gives great facials at a great price?

    i'll try the OASIS but I only want to if its worth it. anyone been and love it??

  2. i've never been to oasis but have gone to bliss & the penisula.

    mario badescu offers facials for i think $60 or so, very inexpensive and Liv Tyler goes there. i've been meaning to go bc i hate paying so much for facials, like other places. I've used mario's skin care line & I love it so next time i go for a facial, thats where i'll probably go
    marilyn monroe used to go there and sarah jessica parker & heidi klum too
  3. cornelia day spa has the best facials in nyc but expect to pay close to 300... otherwise i think bliss is a safe bet.
  4. I've heard good things about Mario Badescu. Bliss is ok but they try to push their products on you so much that it can become uncomfortable.
  5. I've never been but I've heard Elizabeth Arden Red Door at 57 Street is great and the price is reasonable:yahoo:.
  6. mario badascu. reasonable prices and their products are nice too
  7. Theres a bliss spa, go on and check it out... I've heard good things, not sure about the price but totally worth it regardless.