Best facial hair remover

  1. Help! My skin looks more uneven until I remove facial hair, and make up looks better w/out the hair....I use nair for face, but it's ok

    any other suggestions?

  2. Well, I use that Emjoi tweeze thing... that pulls out one hair at a time... works pretty well, and it doesn't hurt much anymore.
  3. Beyond waxing, the Sally Hansen cream removers- not the bleaches- work well.
  4. i agree with elizat. i had to take a medicine that made me get some facial hair (YUCK!), and i've found that the Sally Hansen Creme hair remover for face is the best. it doesn't burn, but it workd really really well. i tried waxing, but it was too hard on my skin. HTH!
  5. Another vote here for Sally's. It doesn't stink as much as Nair, and it doesn't burn my skin either.