Best Face & Eye Moisturizer for Men (La Prairie, La Mer, SK II, etc)

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  1. Hey all!!!
    Would love some help here. I have been looking at some eye and face moisturizer from La Prairie, La Mer, SK II, etc. What do you all recommend? What has worked for you? What do you love? I was looking at La Prairie's Duo line.

    Have dark circles, etc. Dry/combo skin.

    I am 32. Male :smile: Picture below haha
    HartHeadshot (2).jpg
  2. I find that La Prairie has great products. Very easy and comfortable to use. The packaging is really luxurious. But don't expect miracles though. Honestly, the price-to-result correlation is laughable.
  3. I'm in love with Tatcha products. They have an eye cream that I swear by...Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream. I have been using it for about 6 months and have seen dramatic puffiness or bags anymore, fine lines diminished and keeps my undereye itchiness or dry feeling. It's pricey but it is so worth it. They have a travel size that you can try just to see how it works for you before making the purchase to the full size.
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    It depends on what you really need from the moisturizer. For the day I think it's more important that whatever you end up putting on your face has sunscreen.I usually top it with a moisturizing mist if it's needed, but most sunscreens have moisturizing properties too and you might end up looking greasy if you do both.
    For treating dark circles there's only so much you can do eating less sodium and junk getting enough sleep are more important than eye creams. To get fresher and brighter looking skin you should look for active ingredients like niacinamide and retinol (this is magic) but make sure you have the sunscreen routine down first. I could recommend what I use but it wouldn't be any of those brands.
  5. Share away! :smile:
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    Sorry for turning this into a "my skincare régime"-thread! But I'm happy to share and maybe get some input as well.

    For moisturizer / primer / with sunscreen for they day I currently use some Jill Stuart products or étude house sunprise. I prefer Asian brands for sunscreen since it's usually a very light formula, but I haven't really found the perfect fit yet.

    Other options for moisturizer without sunscreen I like clinique moisture surge face spray as a "topper" or during the day if needed. It's a mist so it's pretty light, but it also works well as a moisturizer. Other than that use mineralize lotion from MAC when I need something heavier like after exfoliating. It doubles as a primer but has great skincare properties as well.

    For exfoliation I use cosrx AHA BHA toner or Peter Thomas Roth unwrinkle pads. The latter ones are way too harsh for me to use more than once a week.

    I currently only use one niacinamide product: 10% niacinamide booster by Paula's choice, maybe 1 -3 times a week.

    For retinol my favourite is the Peter Thomas Roth night serum retinol fusion PM, but it's also too strong or me to use every night. Sometimes I switch between that and Paula's choice Resist intensive repair cream. Both of these are very moisturizing and the serum is great for under the eye area too. Also 1- 3 times a week.

    Tatcha is on my list of things to try! But since I spend a lot of time outside of civilization I haven't been able to get it yet.

    edit: inserted some links
  7. But if you want my honest opinion, they only surefire bet against under-eye circles is concealer! :lol:
  8. If you are looking for more instant results that last a really long time, Juvederm is always an option. I've done this as well with great success. :blush:
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