Best fabric or canvas totes under $30?

  1. I just want something for throwing books in when I go to the library. I need something fairly big, since I pick up books for my kids and children's books can be quite tall and wide. Sometimes my book load can be kind of heavy if quite a few books on my wait list come in at once, so I am leaning more towards canvas bags. I saw a couple of totes on the Target web site that were OK, but nothing that really jumped out at me. I don't mind something cutesy, since my daughter(almost 6) usually goes with me and likes to carry the bag of books if it's not too heavy. So if it had kitties all over it she would love it :smile: I have been using the plastic bags the library provides until the handles get too weak, and it finally hit me(duh! moment) that I should just buy a tote.
  2. I just got a great oversized canvas tote, for all of my daughters beach toys from Old Navy for $24.00!
  3. Here it is!
  4. Thanks for the ideas ladies! :tup:
  5. Here's another great one. Its from, its called the grab n go tote and its only $15.00!
  6. Not canvas, but LeSportSac bags are very strong. I bought my daughter one off of E-bay for less than 30.00 and she carried her books in it for a long time. It's also waterproof. I have a few LSS bags and they are almost indestructable. They come in lots of cute prints, too. The bag I bought my daughter had cupcakes and candy all over it.
  7. These are all good ideas. :tup: rorosity you bring up a good point about the bag being waterproof. I live in western Washington, so rain is abundant here.
  8. Be sure to let us know what tote you get!
  9. I was going to suggest LL Bean as well. Out of all the suggestions, they're probably the sturdiest. But if you're going for something more "cute," Target has a bunch right now and they're all ~$10...