Best Eyeshadow palette

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  1. Im a LOYAL MAC eyeshadow user but carrying around 10 different little pots bother me. Is there a brand of eyeshadow (in palette form) thats comparible to MAC's quality? Thanks ladies!
  2. I really love my Smashbox PETA Vegan eyeshadow palette

    My FAVORITE palette is my Trish McEvoy 'The Loveliest' palette...LOVE LOVE it!!!
  3. I hated having all of those individual pots, so I switched over to palettes. I LOVE the palettes by Hourglass. The colors are great and the two blushes included are nice as well.
  4. If you really like MAC a lot, you could always consider depotting your shadows and then moving them into palettes yourself. You can buy 15 pan pro palettes through MAC Pro.

    But looking for other brands, I really like the ones by Two Faced and also by Benefit. They both have some affordable ones with some pretty colors in them. And if you have the money to splurge, I also really like Bobbie Brown palettes.
  5. ^^ I was going to suggest just that. I've seen a tutorial on how to de-pot MAC shadows before.. if only I could find the link.. I think I saw it on
  6. If you go to and search through it, you can find a bunch of information on it. They also show a couple of different methods for how to do it using different heat methods as well as a couple of non heat methods.

    I do it to my eyeshadows. In fact this last weekend, I depotted roughly a hundred of them and put them into big palettes. In my opinion it's really easy and then you can B2M the depotted containers and just use them for more MAC. :graucho:
  7. Stila, Lorac, and Chanel makes some pretty cool palettes. Stila u can custom make your own quad.
  8. I think Dior make the best eyeshadow palettes. All their palettes are baked eyeshadows so they last for ages.

    I've just bought the new spring limited edition no.609 Earth Reflection palette. It's gorgeous!
  9. i was going to say
    i have that earth reflection...i love their colours....:love:
  10. I also like the benefit one... and theres also those mac eyeshadow palettes you can get at certain times of the year
  11. It depends on your palette, but if you like loud colors, urban decay makes great high quality palettes.
  12. you can purchase a palette from mac?!? thats news to me! would i got to my local boutique to enquire about this? thanks for all your help ladies!
  13. i agree w/ the others about the MAC pro palette! it's the best.
    even if you get the quad eyeshadow palettes, the pots can be interchangeable, so if you wanna travel, you can use the quad palette! it's so convenient!
  14. I love the croc palette by Lorac! It's amazing