Best eyeshadow for me?

  1. I'd like color recommendations, and I'm not sure that the ones I've read apply to people with my coloring. I usually wear metallics close to the lash line with black mascara, but I'd like some new ideas to freshen things up. I don't apply color all over my lids, as I have heavy eyelids. I have green eyes. They're a fairly light green, like Gary Dourdan (CSI). My complexion is kind of light. I guess a little lighter than Beyonce. I'd appreciate some help. TIA!
  2. How about a plum color? I've heard plum eyeliner or eyeshadow on green eyes is gorgeous!
  3. How about a green? I'm really digging MAC at the moment, and they have some gorgeous greens!
  4. Violets and plums (or anything within that range) is said to bring out the green in eyes. It looks awesome as I picture you in my head! I'd choose a shade that's a bit shimmery as well; I'm no expert but it will surely draw more attention to your eyes!