Best eyeliners that won't smudge on oily lids

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  1. I've been looking for a nice, plain black pencil/crayon eyeliner that won't smudge, but almost everything I've tried so far has given me racoon eyes half way through the day, because I have oily skin. Chanel's crayon liner smudged the most :push: . The ONLY thing that's sorta worked for me so far is Clinique -- I need more options! Please recommend your favorite eyeliner pencil/crayon. :smile: Many thanks!!!
  2. I have the same problem. Don't use MAC's Engraved. It disappears by mid day.
  3. MAC's Engraved Kohl Liner is meant to smear so that you can create a smoky eye effect if desired. I would recommend Clinique's Eyeliner in Black Diamond. Its steadfast and hard to budge, unless you use make-up cleaner.
  4. Mac liquid gel pot is the bees knees :smile:
  5. Mac Fluidline! i use the black everyday, it THE best thing ever, i used to have the same problem but not anymore, and the pot lasts months!
  6. :smile: Thats it I find it great
  7. I LOVE Lancome's Artliners.
  8. I like Chanel waterproof eye pencil and i have VERY oily skin :yes:
  9. You must be thinking of Smolder. Thats MAC's black eye kohl. Engraved is a powerpoint eye pencil that I was told wouldn't smear but it did. Its meant to be just like their regular eye liner but it allows for a nicer point sharpening.

  10. Yup, the black is called blacktrack and its the best. You need a brush to apply it on, but it stays on alll day long!
  11. I've just purchase Revlon Colorstay liner in noir and it is brilliant, it's the best eyeliner that i've used so far that won't smudge even the slightest. all the high end liners that i've used like Lancome, Chanel and Clinique (for me anyway) does not work like it does. :love:
  12. I second MAC's fluidline eyeliners (they come in a pot and you apply with an angle brush.) I use very heavy sunscreen all the time - even on my eyes - and all others flake and come off.
  13. I've tried Mac, Lancome and Shu Uemura. All three have the same problem of smudging!! Now I'm using Dior's waterproof liner but it has the same problem =/
  14. It shocks me how many high end "waterproof" or "smudge-free" eyeliners really don't work at all! :push:
  15. mac fluidline!! they have so many pretty colors too, so you can expand from the basic black!
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