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  1. I currently use the khol black eyeliner from MAC. For some reason it is always running on me. I lightly line my lower lids,by the afternoon I have racoon eyes!:cursing: . Do any of you know a good black eyeliner that doesnt run?. Someone told me the reason why this always happends to me is because I dont wear any face makeup (98% of the time im au-natural,and when I wear "makeup" its just liner & gloss).Help anyone:shrugs: TIA!:flowers:
  2. I didn't buy it in black, but I just got a liner by Hard Candy that I am loving...and believe me, I am totally eyeliner challenged. It's got the liner on one end (the kind you scroll up, not a pencil), and a smudge brush on the other, with a shadow in the middle section for softening/smudging, etc. I really like it so far, it's very versatile, and they had it in several colors at Sephora, so I am sure you can find it in your color. It's been lasting me all day too, which is a major accomplishment.
  3. My makeup artist for my wedding used La Ligne de Chanel (or something like that) from Chanel. Unfortunately, I don't think it's available in the US. But I did see it at That stuff stayed on through the end of the reception.

    I also like Revlon Color Stay eyeliners. I've tried other department store and drug store brands and have had problems with end of day smudging. However, the Revlon eyeliner is quite good (and not very expensive so I stock up on these). I was introduced to it when I noticed a friend's eyeliner stayed practically perfect after 3 hours of white water rafting!! :nuts:
  4. I use Bare Escentuals eyeliner quad, i love it! It stays on until i wipe it off.
  5. If you use Bare Escentuals liners, I recommend buying the Weather everything sealer which will make the liner waterproof. Most of the time that's why the liner is moving (sweat, water of some type) other than when you rub your eye. I think that not having make up on is won't let eyeshadow and blushes stay on well, but you should be ok with liner.
  6. You might try setting your liner with a little pressed powder before and after you line your eyes. That always seemed to help me. Also, try Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Amanda posted that a while back, and I got some and it works great!
  7. I'm currently using Dior Crayon Eyeliner Waterproof and it's been the first I've tried that hasn't run on me. I've perspired, cried, teared etc with it on and if you don't rub your eyes, it's fine. :nuts:
  8. Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner. The little pot lasts forever. Took me 2 years to finish one. I recently purchased the metallic black and it looks awesome. It stays on very well.
  9. I like those eyeliner gel pots that mac has, you put them on with a brush they work great.

    I usually do not use eyeliner though I use black or brown high pigment makeup like mac and wet my eyeliner brush and line my eyes with that.
  10. I really like le crayon kohl by Chanel! They give your eyes unbelievable depth and you don't have to use a lot to get the desired result!
  11. mac makes a realllly goood eyeliner "gel" that doesnt run .. i havent tried it yet but my friends love it .... especially cuz its made for newbies
  12. hmmmm... I use to use MAC's Engraved waterproof eye pencil. However, it always sumdged on me.

    so i switched to Almay's (avail at most drug stores) liquid liner. That also smudged as well.

    So i ended up trying this and it works WONDERS. Let me remind you that i literally have my eye make up from morning 9am for school until 930pm at night after i get home from work! my eyeliner doesnt run at all.

    i first used the mac liner as base and then used my liquid to trace over the base. And it works!!! cheap and effective!!!!
  13. chanel aqua eyeliner

    works great

    and when it's smudged people still tell me i look great

    well. they could be lying. or i just applied too little
  14. Mac Boot Black.....Its Wonderfull!!!!! I hate liquid liner but this is great!!!

    I have tried every allegedly 'smudgeproof' liner invented, MAC Fluidline is THE BEST. It's a gel liner in a pot, one pot lasts forever. Apply it with an angled brush, and forget about it. I have Chinese eyes, everything used to run on me. I would carry around Q-tips and remover to fix my smudgies. Fluidline is the shizzle.
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