best eyeliner for beginner?

  1. Hi everyone! i really wanna start putting eyeliner, i have never bothered as i thought it was too much hassle. But now im ready to try:p , can anyone recommend which is the easiest? i have had a friend put the bobbi brown gel eyeliner on me, and i think that looks gd, but have no idea how easy it is to apply:s
  2. I like the Chanel liquid eyeliner. Easy to apply.
  3. mine would be the LOVELY powerpoint eyeliner from MAC. the best eyeliner i have ever tried.. and i am always a bigginer!! it works amazingly great and the colors are TO DIE FOR! i have the dark blue one (forgot its name) and a pistachio one (i think its name is: so jade) and black and purple too :smile:
  4. for the bobbi brown gel eyeliner, you gotta dip in the eyeliner brush into the pot. then you just lightly paint it onto the top and/or bottom or both of the eye.
  5. You may want to try a pencil liner for starters. Make sure it's sharp. I like the Loreals. Now I am using Smashbox's liner that you use a brush with.
  6. I agree with noshoepolish. A pencil will be easier to control, while you get the hang of things.

    If you are very fair skinned, with light hair, etc choose a medium brown or taupe color that will enhance without looking "made up."

    If you are a dark-eyed brunette, navy or even royal blue will not only be less "harsh" than black, but make your eyes look wonderful!

  7. mac makes a gel eyeliner tooo and its realllly easy to use