best eyeliner for beginner?

  1. Hi everyone! i really wanna start putting eyeliner, i have never bothered as i thought it was too much hassle. But now im ready to try:p , can anyone recommend which is the easiest? i have had a friend put the bobbi brown gel eyeliner on me, and i think that looks gd, but have no idea how easy it is to apply:s
  2. I like the Chanel liquid eyeliner. Easy to apply.
  3. mine would be the LOVELY powerpoint eyeliner from MAC. the best eyeliner i have ever tried.. and i am always a bigginer!! it works amazingly great and the colors are TO DIE FOR! i have the dark blue one (forgot its name) and a pistachio one (i think its name is: so jade) and black and purple too :smile:
  4. for the bobbi brown gel eyeliner, you gotta dip in the eyeliner brush into the pot. then you just lightly paint it onto the top and/or bottom or both of the eye.
  5. You may want to try a pencil liner for starters. Make sure it's sharp. I like the Loreals. Now I am using Smashbox's liner that you use a brush with.
  6. I agree with noshoepolish. A pencil will be easier to control, while you get the hang of things.

    If you are very fair skinned, with light hair, etc choose a medium brown or taupe color that will enhance without looking "made up."

    If you are a dark-eyed brunette, navy or even royal blue will not only be less "harsh" than black, but make your eyes look wonderful!

  7. mac makes a gel eyeliner tooo and its realllly easy to use
  8. Eyeko fat liquid liner
  9. it depends what kind of eyeliner you want..for instance..gel or liquid or marker form etc..its probably best starting with a drug store can help u determine which type of product you like and you won't be wasting loads of money!