Best eyeliner/eye makeup for contact lens wearers...Suggestions?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just wondered if any of you out there who also wear contacts lenses had any good suggestions for high-quality eye makeup that doesn't irritate your lenses or flake off onto them. :push:

    I am particularly interested in eyeliners that can be worn on the waterline.

    All advice is welcome, and TIA!! :flowers:
  2. I'll start off with a little warning...I am a huge MAC fan, but I would not recommend MAC's Kohl Power Liners for the waterline, and especially not for contact lens wearers. I have tried both Feline and Sense of Style (and the latter was even worse than the former) and both time the liner ended up coating my contacts within about 3-5 minutes. :push:

    Just thought I'd share... ;)

    Anyone have luck with MUFE Aqua Eyes?
  3. The Bobbi Brown Gel Liner has been working for me, and the Loreal HIP pencil in black as well, I do have to do my eye makeup and then put on my contacts.
  4. I've been wearing Rimmel Exaggerate liquid liner on the waterline all day for years and it never affected my contact lenses, unless I wear a lot of heavy eye make-up besides.

    Loquita, MAC kohl liners seem to irritate my eyes also, although I'm never quite sure if it's down purely to the liner, the air-conditioned surroundings I'm in during the day, or a combination of both.
  5. Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner is pretty good and doesn't irritate my eyes.
  6. I mostly use Revlon Colorstay eyeliners.
  7. I wear my contacts 24/7 literally every month and I use UD 24/7 liners and if I want to use a liquid liner I used L'Oreal. These have worked for me with no problems or irritations.
  8. i wear contacts 24/7 and use to have a hard time finding the best eyeliner. My eyes are very sensitive so it took me forever to find the right one.
    I'm also a huge MAC fan, but can't use their eyeliners as much as the other ones I'm using. I am currently use MUFE Aqua Eyes (the best) and also alternate with Urban Decay 24/7 and drugstore Almay. Now I can't live with out eyeliner and they all work sooo well! All 3 brands are the best! Hope that helps!
  9. Ditto MUFE and UD 24/7. I also like Dior (I use waterproof) and Shu drawing pencils.

    I have yet to use gel liners like MAC and BB on the waterline (only on the upper lashline), but not sure I like the look.

    MAC Kohls not only don't last on me, they also irritate!
  10. I also agree with UD, MUFE, and Shu Uemura.... in that order. UD has more staying power on my waterline than MUFE and Shu but those three are the best that I've tried so far. I used to swear by Revlon Colorstay, but it disappeared on my waterline within 30 minutes. It's great for the upper lid, but since I've branched out to UD, MUFE, and Shu, I noticed that Revlon tugs on my lid. :tdown:

    I honestly don't reach for my MAC e/l often except for when I want to smudge out the liner and then go over it with e/s. I don't even own Smolder! :wtf: But I must admit that I still want to try it out.
  11. I like Revlon ColorStay and UD 24/7 liners.
  12. I think that the UD 24/7 liners work well on the waterline. I used to use Zero all the time on my waterline without issue (before I lost one of my makeup bags :cry:smile:.

    (Strangely enough, I have zero problems with Feline on my waterline, and I'm a contact lens user - looks like that's a product where YMMV.)
  13. Thanks, everyone! :smile: These answers are really helpful. I did just try UD 24/7 (Rockstar - love that color) on the waterline and it works really well...and I picked up a few MUFE Aqua Pencils, so we'll see how that goes. The MAC Power Kohl (Sense of Style way more than Feline, interestingly enough) is a total bust, though - I will just stick to my upper lashes with that one. The color's pretty, though.

    I am afraid to try MAC Fluidline or Bobbi Brown gel liners (as much as I adore them) on my waterline. If anyone else is brave enough, though, please report back!

    Hielo - sorry to hear about your mu bag. :sad: I know that I would be super upset if I lost mine, too!
  14. I'm having good luck with BB gel eyeliner. I do out my contacts in after I've done my eye makeup though. I'm sorry about your mu bag also, I would cry.
  15. Wow! My vision is so bad that I can't do my makeup without my lenses in,'re lucky. :smile:

    And I agree 100% about BB gel liner - it's a fantastic product, my fave gel liner by far.