Best eye shadow primer??

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  1. Hi!

    Was wondering if anyone uses an eyeshadow primer that they really like? I am in the market for one and would love opinions!

  2. Chanel Chanel Chanel!!! You have to try it!
  3. I have tried the Lancome primer - (too greasy) and the MAC primer (to cakey and dry). I feel like goldilocks looking for the perfect match...
  4. I have a couple primers at home. So far my favorite is by Smashbox. I'm surprised how long my makeup lasts with it on. Usually, my skin (which tends to be combination) will sometimes drink up the eyemakeup, and all I do is end up with creases.

    I also like Estee Lauder's lavender colored concealer. I will also use that around my eyes prior to putting on makeup, when I remember to, atleast...
  5. I got Urban Decay's Primer Potion on yesterday and that stuff is AMAZING!!! I did pedicures all day.....My hair was sweaty, but my eyeshadow was exactly as I put it on this morning, not a crease to be found and I have oily skin. There's a whole post about this stuff somewhere.
  6. Laura Mercier...its FABULOUS.
  7. My vote for UD too! It's the BEST. All the others slip around on my eyes and don't really last all day.
  8. I just got the Urban Decay Primer Potion after Amanda posted about it, and it's great!
  9. I use Too Faced primer in Second Base and really like it. I've been using it for a few months and it works great, especially considering I live in AZ and it's HOT!!!!!! My eyeshadow stays put through the heat and swimming even!!!
  10. UD Primer Potion is the best I've tried so far.:yes:
  11. urban decay primer potion! i love it so much, i made a thread about it. i work retail, my days are long and a fair amount of my job is physical labor. i can put my eyeshadow over this stuff at 8:30 a.m. and my eye makeup will still be absolutely perfect and flawless when i finally take it off before i go to bed, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning (hey, i'm in college, after all).
  12. whoa. im going to sephora tommorow to pick up some urban decay primer....!

    i never knew about taht foundation primer good too?
  13. Urban Decay's Primer Potion!!!!
  14. mac paint in untitled or bare canvas. NOT the actual mac eye shadow primer.
  15. My eye shadow primer is simply my face foundation (Lancome adaptive) with sheer powder over it to set it. It covers up the veins in my eyelids, blots the oiliness and gives a good, clean slate for eyeshadows (powder or creme, they last all day!).