Best Eye Liner?

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  1. Hi guys,
    I wanted to buy a new eye u have any suggestion which one is the best?thx:smile:
  2. I love Smashbox cream eyeliner, goes on fab, great colors and stays put!!! You can get it at ulta, sephora,, or A great way to try out the colors is to order the cream eyeliner palette, comes w/ 10 different shades, so you can try them all.
  3. Oh boy! Ask a controversial question, why doncha? ;)

    You are going to get as many answers as you get replies, because all any of us can say is what works best for our own individual eyes and eyeliner goals and expectations.

    I like Palladio pencils, about $2-3 at Sally's, at least their black and dark brown, their blue is much harder for some reason, so right now I am using a cover girl blue one, but that is hardly set in stone.

    I am somewhat adrift in the area of blue eyeliner because the very best one, made by a company called Prestige whose displays I seldom see any more, and when I do the only blues they have are very light. And maybe they have a navy. But the best color for brunettes with black eyes is a bright - but not light - high pigment royal blue, and I haven't seen anybody but Prestige make one.
  4. great question. i used id bare minerals powder eyeliner for a while but found it way too annoying although it works sooo well. and stays on even after a night of dancing.

    a lot of people told me about MAC's eyeliner. so i just purchased it today. ill let ya know if i thought it really works the best!
  5. bed head eye liner ^^ smooth to apply and real lasting..
  6. I like MAC's fluidliner. You need a brush but I have more controll of it. During the day, I just use the MAC pencil for touchups.
  7. I have the BE powder eyeliner too and it's wayyyyyy to messy to use everyday IMO. It does stay on well and they have so many beautiful colors, but it takes time to get it on, I like something fast and easy in the morning.
  8. I've been using Smashbox also. I like dark blues since they make the whites oy your eyes whiter. As long as I dont look like a throwback to the 80's or a clown wearing it I'll like it. But Smashbox is awesome.
  9. wow, u're right ShimmaPuff!
    so many different suggestion....hehe...

    any other else???I keep thinking about it:smile:Thx all for the respond:yes:
  10. i like mac powerpoints.. and fluidliners. actually every eyeliner mac ever made i think.
  11. For liquid, I love Lancome Artliner. I don't have a very steady hand, but I find Artliner easy to apply and longlasting.

    For regular pencil, I use Dior Waterproof Crayon Eyeliner - it doesn't budge!
  12. Good point Oh Donna. The trick is, don't put it on like it is the 80s. Use a sharp point and make the line one with your lashes. The goal, at least my goal :smile: is to appear that I have not applied any eyeliner, but have big ol eyes with very white whites, and big ol irises with a big ol attitude.
  13. mac is the best!
  14. I love ALL types of liners. I love playing up my eyes. My favorite type lately has been the gel and liquid liners. I have 2 favorites, Bobbi Brown Gel liner which is sorta like the Smashbox liners and Trish McEnvoy. With Trish you have to use a liquid and put it into any of her eyeshadows. I'm really into everyone's liners. I'm a makeup fanatic.
  15. I really love Lancome Le Crayon Khol.