Best eye creams?

  1. What's your favorite anti-aging eye cream that will help minimize/fade/lighten dark circles and decrease lines and wrinkles or prevent them from developing?
  2. in too. I would like to hear some recommendations
  3. me three!
  4. I've always used Loreal eye products. Most recently I purchased eye cream from Lancome. It cost quite a bit more than the Loreal products, and I really don't see a difference. It's only been a couple of weeks though. Maybe it takes more time.
  5. i love chanel sublimage eye, been using it for over a month now and i notice dark circles lighter and a few lines not as prominant
  6. I use Estee lauder Advanced night repair and Origins Eye-Doctor. I didn't see any different :smile: but I need to put some moisturiser for eyes. For the day time I use Clarins - Beauty flash and it works really really great.
  7. right now i'm using Exuviance Hydrating Lift Eye Complex, i'm not sure if i'll buy it again... it's okay, but i don't :heart: it. it's pretty cheep tho, only $25. i used to us a Lancome one but it's didn't do anything special. i may have to try Chanel next.
  8. Chanel Sublimage "Essential Regenerating Eye Cream" is really good. It really lifts the skin around the eyes, smooths them up. I am not sure about the dark circles, as I don't really notice them on my eyes...
    It is a bit expensive for a small jar ($160 for 0.5 oz) so make sure you get a sample before you try it... The sample lasted me a month, btw, and I really noticed the difference! So different from other eye creams I used in the past (Estee, Lancolm, Arden, SKII, La Mer, you name it! lol I am a total beauty junkie) Totally recommend it. :tup:
  9. This stuff ROCKS!! I've been using it since August and the results are amazing!! I was also given a sample of the Sublimage face cream and all I can say is WOW!!!
  10. I have been using Shiseido Revitalizing Eye Cream forever. It is thick, so you don't need much, and it always ends up making me look well rested. I don't have dark circles, but I do have fine lines.
  11. I Love Dr.Perricone Alpha Lipoic Acid Eye Area therapy with Ntp complex and DMAE. Is great for fine lines.. I love his line, and his book the Wrinkle Cure is wonderful. :tup:
  12. I like Chanel Rectifiance a lot. I don't think it will fade dark circles, but it tightens the skin and makes it feel sooooooo soft.
  13. Natura Bisse. I am using samples of La mer right now as well. Still like the NB, though.
  14. This gets my vote too.
    Another eye cream that I really like alot is the NeoStrata PHA4 eye cream. Its almost a tie between them for me, although when applied, the Chanel makes my eye area feel a little softer. Id buy them both again with out hesitation (although the NeoStrata is a lot more affordable!)
  15. I finally crawled out of the beauty cave and tried a sample of La Prairie Skin Caviar extract eye cream. Heaven. I woke up looking like I did when I was 17! love it.