Best exfoliator

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  1. I have that Loreal microdermabrasion kit and I'm not so keen on it, anything better out there?
  2. For a daily exfoliator, I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub in gentle. It is super cheap and can be found almost anywhere.

    If you want a microdermabrasion kit, I love the one by Olay. I have gotten some wonderful results from it.
  3. I put my vote in for the aspirin mask (again!). I'll never buy another facial exfoliator!
    theres no need to when this scrub/mask works so well for me
  4. I use MD Forte HydraMasque and for my oily skin, it works wonders!
  5. Paula's Choice Exfoliants are my HG.

    Love, love, love them!
  6. I've got to try that! Good idea on the thread. I have no suggestions but looking for some too.
  7. I've tried St. Ives for combination skin. It smells nice but doesn't seem to exfoliate very well. Not enough micro-beads IMO.

    I like the Olay microdermabrasion kit too.
  8. I want to try the aspirin mask too! For now I use a natural homemade one with brown sugar, honey, yogurt and a dab of olive oil (optional depending on skin type, since you may feel "oily" but really only a "drop" or less)

    It's great!
  9. Right now I use St. Ives. I think it's just ok.
  10. I like St Ives.
  11. Ysl
  12. I like Philosophy's Microdelivery peel. I got my sister hooked on it as well. My skin has never been so soft!
  13. I like St. Ives too. However a SA at the Clinque counter once told me that it will enlarge pores because of the large granules in it. Not sure if it's true or if she was just trying to scare me into buying a Clinque exfoliator.
  14. I use St Ives as well. Has worked fine for me, although I must confess after I ran out on the last tube, I got Target's brand apricot scrub LOL. Actually I find it works a little better because it has smaller beads, although it may be a little rough if you have really sensitive skin.
  15. St. Ives Apricot Scrub