Best Exercise for losing weight?

  1. My exercise regimen consists of treadmill (30- 40 mins )and billy blanks tae-bo for losing weight. I know for losing weight you should do cardio. What I do not do is weights? Should I start lifting weights? I don't want my skin to sag and droop. But, I also don't want to put on weight by lifting. Any advice be great!
  2. Yes, add weights! Weightlifting is a very important part of a weight loss plan, along with cardio exercise and a healthy (read: enough calories) nutrition plan. A lot of people, when they start a fitness and eating plan to lose weight, will only do cardio. However, weight training builds muscle, which raises the metabolism. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest, while relaxing and doing nothing. More muscle also gives you a leaner look, and reduces your body fat. You can weigh 145 lbs and wear a size 6 if you have a good amount of muscle, or weigh 145 lbs and wear a size 10 (just an example, I have no idea what the relation is between weight and size).

    Weight training will also keep the "sag and droop" at bay, so you don't become "skinny fat" - meaning you are thin, but you don't have very much muscle.

    I lost 25 lbs two years ago, and I saw the biggest difference and the most changes when I added moderate to heavy weights into my routine. There are tons of online resources to help you get started with finding a good weight training routine :smile:
  3. Thanks for the advice. I'm definetly going to start lifting weight. However, since I'm new on the weight lifting thing, I'm not familiar with any exercises. Can you recommend some at home exercises with weights? thanks
  4. Yeah weights are good but i never did them when i use to hit the gym.

    I always did the treadmill and the elliptical, and i drank loads of green tea and ate more salads.
  5. I went to the gym three times a week doing body combat for six weeks. I did'nt notice any difference in my body until I did weights in the past few weeks.
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  7. Use light-ish weights and a lot of reps, rather than heavy weights and few reps. That way you won't add bulk.
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    D Girl, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner with weight training exercises. What kind of equipment do you have at home? I think that Shape Magazine Shape has some good beginner workout routines that include weights.
  9. Maybe you can think about doing taebo with some light wrist or ankle weights. I've being doing taebo for years (it works WONDERS), but putting on even one pound weights on ur wrists or ankles makes a HUGE difference. it kicks the entire workout onto another level, and feels like you're strength training WHILE doing cardio. Plus, for me, i feel like free weight exercises only work one muscle at a time, and you have to know each specific exercise to work the whole arm....whereas in taebo, you're punching and moving your arms all over the place, so with weights on you're essentially working every muscle of your arm. Love, love loooooooove taebo, but after a few years, I needed something more challenging, and that was it. :wlae:
  10. Great Advice! I will defintely have to try this. I also LOVE LOVE taebo, it's the only thing that has really worked for me.
  11. Started weight training 9 months and the weight just came off. I always did cardio with so so results. I bought The body sculpting bible for women and have been following it. It works and I never get bored working out. By far the best shape I've ever been in. Feel amazing!!
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  13. I've had this big willingness to do weightlifting since long long time ago..but i am still in doubt since I heard a lot of things like weightlifting should be continuously done otherwise once the muscle has been built without continuous excercise it will be saggy and :throwup:. What do you think?Coz I don't wanna do weightlifting forever...
  14. If you stop lifting weights, you will eventually lose the muscle you built while doing strength training. It won't be instant, but you have to keep lifting to get the great benefits of weight training :nuts: Now, once you have acheived your goals in terms of weight training, you could always go into a maintenance program, to keep the muscle you have, not add anymore, etc. But, it's not a good idea to just completely stop doing cardio or weight training.
  15. christina has some great advice,

    the one thing that I would like to add is don't do the same exercise everytime you go the gym, this will not allow your muscles enough time to recover.