Best excuse for selling a fake.

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  1. #1 Feb 3, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
    I emailed seller (on Ebay) to ask if he realized he was selling a fake LV.
    Great response:
    Selling fakes for charity... what has the world come to ?:shrugs:

    Update: The tote just sold for $305.00. Poor buyer ! Such an obvious fake.
  2. wow
  3. woudl anyone fall for it?
  4. A lot of people just don't know why fakes are bad. They just see it as a way to get nice things cheaper... they don't know what crazy people the proceeds go to, etc... etc...
    He should've been smart enough to know that selling something COUNTERFEIT is illegal lol

    I've been seeing some crazy stuff on ebay lately... 2 auctions with the same stolen pictures from another seller (which I reported to ebay & the original seller and nothing was done- YIKES!). One of the bags must have been won for $500! Lord only knows what the winner will be getting!
  5. Oh my
  6. I do wonder how many people go around with fakes, completely oblivious. Such a shame.
  7. I had a seller tell me yesterday that the Coach bag and wristlet she was selling was 100% authentic since she JUST bought them at Macy's and they still had all the tags on them. She went on to say how badly she needs the money so is selling it on eBay and if I knew anything about Coach I'd be able to tell it wasn't fake. (I asked if she guaranteed authenticity since her auction firmly stated 'no returns!'). This was one of the worst fakes I've seen, it hurt my eyes. It was within 2 hours of ending when I e-mailed her and told her I'm sure Macy's would take it back since it's still NWT. I haven't heard back. I wonder why?!;)

  8. What will these sellers think of next.. where would they be without

  9. Hahahaa, oh man. That's rich. I sure do love sob stories. :lol:
  10. Gee. Some people are just too much.
  11. I recently asked a seller if she guaranteed authenticity as well, since the auction stated NO RETURNS. The bag didn't look fake and was advertised as "Genuine", but I thought better safe than sorry.
    The seller emailed back the same line about how it was a "gift" and she couldn't be sure whether it was fake or not. Do sellers think that saying that abdicates them from the responsibility if the item is fake? Like, I said I didn't know, so I can't be held accountable?
    It would be one thing to just advertise it as a "handbag" (no brand) and tell that "gift" story in the ad, but come on. Clearly dishonest.
  12. "I am not a person who purchases name brand items"...ok then you shouldn't be someone who lists them (especially when fake) when you don't know if they're authentic or not either! Simple!
  13. um, no. fail!
  14. Epic fail! :lol: