Best excuse..."Because"

  1. Ok, so I had issues getting my Damier Azur 25..which made me super :cursing:. So to make myself feel better I bought a Mono 30 Speedy. When I told my sweet fiance this I thought he would say his usual, "wow, cool." But when I told him and showed him the pic of what I was getting all he said was, "why? Don't you have like 2 bags that color and don't you have the huge speedy" first let me apologized for the "color" remark and the "size" remark. I am training him on mono, mc, denim, etc... and sizes, 25, 30, 35..Etc....He kept asking me why I got a bag so plain and the same as the other one. I have a mono 25. And after all his huffing and puffing... I said....because!! It's a speedy thing you just wouldn't understand....HAHA.....My new WONDERFUL bag will be here on Monday!!:yahoo:
  2. congrats! wait to C the pics!
    people say no more white after Labor Day. well, after Laber Day, I want a azur lol, I think it is still OK to use in AZ.
  3. Congrats on your new bag! Use the azur, who cares about the NO WHITE crap! Blah blah blah... it is blue too! ;)
  4. Congratz~ What a great reason you have/had~! Lolz ^.^
  5. "Because" is a great reason! I think it'll be pretty useful to me in the future... And congrats on your new bag!
  6. I use that one all the time ..
    it goes something like
    me:: honey I want to go into the city today ...
    him:: why
    me:: because
    him :: oh .. Louis Vuitton

    and that's the end of it, he admits defeat!
  7. :lol:

    Funny. Btw, I also love your signature! "The money isn't gone honey, I've simply repositioned our assets".
  8. Haha thats what my bf does too!!!!:p