Best Everyday Tote

  1. What would you recommend as the best everyday tote? I have been considering the Grand Shopping Tote, the Cloudy Bundle ( now that I've seen Swanky), Petite Shopping Tote, and the Luxe Tote. Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations. As a mom, I find that a lot of times I want to just throw their stuff in my bag so I don't have so much to carry. Also durability is a factor.
  2. If you want a nice big roomy bag that's pretty durable, I'd go w/ the GST - although it's a litlte more structured and not as easy to just throw stuff into or a Luxe tote , even the new M/C totes would be fab!
    There's so many now that I think about it, a Large Cambon would be super practical as well:yes:
    And there's always my new fave the Vintage Ligne Tote!
  3. I just bought a Grand Shopping Tote, and I love it. It holds a ton, and it's caviar, so I don't have to worry about it.
  4. I personally like the LUX I have one and it holds up great..I also like the Caviar leather for duarability as well..BUT I prefer the smoother leather overall..Its personal preferance..Try the bags on and see what is more comfy on yer shoulder!Let us know how you make out!
  5. I have a GST and love it. Holds a lot.
  6. petit is good for running out with only the essentials. i LOVE mine, the deep red aged calfskin petit. and i'm a mom of three. it surprisingly holds enough. for example, i had a bottle of milk in a ziploc, of course, plus my pashmina, car keys, cell phone, sunglasses and some makeup, plus new bath and body works lotion and splash. and i had some space for more. sometimes i use it to carry my little one's diapers. it's awesome.

    if you need a bigger size with more space, i would go with this order of your choices: cloudy bundle (so light and open you can throw anything into it), lux tote (love lux leather but i tried it ona few times at my boutique and find it a bit heavy and not easy to go over shoulder with big coat), GST (i find it heavy and too square).