Best everyday eyeshadow for a make-up newbie

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  1. i'm new to the make-up world and i'm wondering what is the best everyday color eyeshadow for somebody with a medium tan complexion? the look im aiming for is to have just enough color on the lids, nothing too bold as this is going to be worn during the day. i'd love to hear suggestions from you experts! thanks!!
  2. i was in the same situation i use to hate make up but in the end i had to give in - i bought a travel combo thingy from mac and it is just perfect there is one eye shadow .. i has a pearly shade if u put less of it , its great for day wear. and if u put more its great for evening ... its also grreat for highlighting the brow and for when u want smoky eyes ..

    its clled PHLOOF - chk it out on the website ..
  3. i love shu uemura cream eyeshadow when i'm feeling really lazy. You don't need a brush, just use your fingers to rub some over your eyelids and viola! instant eyeshadow!
  4. amna....thanks a lot! i checked out the mac website, but couldnt find phloof eyeshadow color?

    ally24k....will chck this too. i really need to go to sephora now hehehehe
  5. honesty by MAC is great if you want a light color with a bit of shimmer. also by MAC - naked lunch on your lid with cranberry as your accent color if you're feeling a bit bold :smile:
  6. Go to MAC and ask for the new Smokey Eyes palette, it had brown and black tones a set of 3 for each, it might be a good starter.

    Deff pick up a couple brushes as well! 224 to blend, 239 to put on the eyeshadow, and 219 to smudge color under your lashline
  7. Vanilla Sugar by Bare Escentuals (buy from Sephora or Ulta) is a great neutral with enough color for all over the lid. It comes loose in a pot which should last you forever. I just love it and wear it every day!
  8. Nars cream eyeshadow! Love it! Cosmic girl (shimmer ivory), Corfu (shimmer brown), El Dorado (shimmer gold). Not to much shimmer just perfect to catch light. I bought these back in the summer time at sephora im sure they still have them.. great for olive to dark complexion.
  9. dustypaws, reynaldoc, nosnowhere and d girl, i want to try all of these!! i think i need to start working OT again, i have a feeling this beauty bar is going to hurt my wallet bad! LOL!! i guess this is the price one has to pay for wanting to look good!! hehehehe. thanks guys!
  10. its in the tenth row from below .. in the line with saddle mythology and phloof ...
  11. from urban decay i use 'sin' a lot. it's a very light shimmery peach(?) color. sometimes i wear it alone and sometime i had an accent color into the cease line. would be a great color for someone just starting out. you can also buy sample type packs from urban decay, i believe right now they have 3 or 4 of them, for about $36-$42 each. kinda pricey but well worth it! you can get them at sephora or ulta.
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  12. thanks i found it now! phew! sorry!!

    im going to have to go to the mac store to try these out.....cant wait. hopefully this weekend!!
    thanks for all the help. hope to find that right eyeshadow color for me soon!
  13. guccilove - I think you should try Bobbi Brown's Stonewashed palette, or Neutral eye shadow palette. It has a range of neutrals, plus a great little brush. Bobbi brown powdered shadows go on light, so if you are heavy-handed, it helps tone things down.
  14. i have to try this Bobbi Brown too. i've been hearing a lot of good things about it in this thread. i'll try it the next time i go to nordstom, which is probably this weekend. thank you!!!
  15. ^ don't let some of the bolder colors scare you off -- i used to shy away from it, but if you pair it with the right all over lid color and use as an accent color it can look mature and professional! I seriously have the best times at the MAC counters when they sit me down and put a bunch of new colors on me - and not necessarily a lot of it, either.

    You must show photos of what you do end up getting though!
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