Best Everyday Bag

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Best Everyday Purse

  1. Damier Neverfull MM

  2. Batignolles Horizontal

  3. Monty GM

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  1. I was just wondering which purse you would choose for an every day purse... I have 2 kids (not including DH), always on the run, and a full time nursing student....It def needs to be a shoulder bag...

    any other suggestions??? i plan on buying this purse this weekend...
  2. Stresa? ;)
  3. Of the three, my vote goes to the NF. I just got one this past weekend and it's awesome! I use it for school also, and it holds a lot!
  4. I really love my BH, even though I don't have the NF. I've tried on the Monty and it just felt awkward under my arm.

    I def. recommend the BH...but the NF is on my wish list :graucho:
  5. Out of the 3, I'd choose the BH.
  6. As a mom of 3 young kids (dh included :lol: ) I say BH. The straps are wide and sturdy (do not hurt the shoulder), holds a lot and stands upright when placed down.

    Stresa is also a good choice. I like to have that one as well.
  7. My vote was for the Monty because I've had both the other bags and although they're easy to get in and out of, your stuff will get in and out easily spills! So, I like a bag with the zipper to keep things inside. I have the Monty PM which is actually quite large and has more than enough room for all my things. It's a great every day bag, light weight and has straps long enough for over the shoulder.
  8. I love my BH!!
  9. Neverfull but in the GM size
  10. I have the BH and just love it. I think it's much prettier and more expensive looking than the NV and I like the more comfortable straps (I also think it's made better). I have one and each of my three daughters (who are in college) have one. It's a wonderful everyday bag.
  11. neverfull!!!!!!!!;)
  12. damier neverfull for sure...

    I had a BH and I just sold it. I like my NF much better
  13. I have a Damier Neverfull MM and its a great everyday bag. You can make it smaller if you need to, but I am searching for a BH at this moment. My vote would be for the Damier Neverfull its pretty resiliant.
  14. OUt of the three choice given the BH would be the best, although I'm not a huge fan of the open top especially with kids. Have you considered the Palermo PM or even the Totally?
  15. Damier NF :yes: