Best every day Chanel for me?

Apr 14, 2018
I am relatively new here and need help picking out a perfect every day bag. I already have two Chanel black classics from about 8 years ago — I think the mini and Jumbo/Maxi (see pic)? I love them but rarely wear them. I have a baby and toddler and I work mostly from
home, so I am typically wearing athleisure or skinny jeans with a flannel, dropping kids off at school and running errands. I have a bad back and hate shoulder bags. I don’t wear my mini one often because it is so small and a touch too long on me as a crossbody — I am 5’4”. The bigger one just looks kind of weird with my casual outfits and is also too big and bulky as a crossbody.

Other bags I use all the time are Celine Trio (love it but a little small), Prouenza Schouler crossbody (feels a little too masculine and outdated), Celine Phantom Cabas in grey (beautiful but I don’t like to use a tote for running around everyday).

Oh, the other thing is I mostly wear gold jewelry and really want gold hardware. and I love caviar. I just discovered the Business Affinity crossbody AND backpack and love them both. I love some of the other backpack styles too. What do you think is the best bag to add to my collection? Should I consider branching out from black? I love the look of grey with gold hardware, would that be good for every day? I definitely need something neutral. I don’t mind if my bags get a little beat up. I would also consider selling one of my Chanels but not sure which one I’d let go of. I feel more attached to the big one even though I rarely use it.

Sorry this is so long! thanks for any insight!



Jan 22, 2007
England, UK
What about the Gabrielle backpack or the classic camera bag? Or what about the new Chanel 19? Grey is a good neutral if you want to veer away from black but be mindful of colour transfer if you wear denim.