Best European lip balms?

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  1. I've noticed through the years that more of the European/International lip balm products have worked for me better than the loads of readily available ones here in the USA :yes: I'm sure they all have the same or similar stuff in them, but I just haven't found it personally as effective for me as the European brands have been for my lips. So far the ones I've loved the best are Labello (the blue-capped classic one; German origin) and this awesome new one I've tried called Yu-Be, of Japanese origin. I have 2 on it's way to me, of Italian origin - brand named L'Amande which my friend raved about.

    Are there any other european brands of lip balm that you find to be really good and can recommend for me to use? or even just ones that you especially love? Thanks so much!!!! xoxo :heart:
  2. Propoline; it's Greek and wonderful! All natural ingredients, plus there are some that have a hint of color...
  3. ^ I love the Santorini Avatar1

    I love L'Occitane Mini Pure Shea Butter with 100% carite butter.
  4. Molton brown vitamin lip saver is amazing, as is the creme de la mer lip cream.
  5. Labello is great

    it is really smooth and not sticky- also great flavors. the cherry has a nice tint to it that makes your lips a pretty pinky red
  7. Labello? Really? that's not really any good, but it works ok I guess. I agree with L'occitane... they have some great products :smile:
  8. NUXE : french lip balm... I guess the name has somathing to do with honey " Miel"

    Fantastic stuff !
  9. I like Avène and Caudalie the best.(Labello is really too dry to apply I find)
  10. I don't like Labello at all.

    But I do agree on L'Occitane. And I love Lush's Whip Stick as well.