Best Espresso Maker

  1. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I love my Nespresso Le Cube. It makes amazing espresso, and combined with the Keurig milk foamer I got for Christmas, it makes incredible lattes and cappuccinos.

    The new Nespresso flavored Variations capsules in chocolate and vanilla are TDF!
  3. I was looking for something that wasn't only capsules as I sometimes I prefer to use beans that I can choose etc.. Does anyone have any other recommendations? What does everyone else use? I do like the nespresso, but the option to only use their pods is holding me back a little?
  4. My SO is a coffee addict, so I bought him a Gaggia espresso machine (I can't remember which one... Gaggia Pure I think?). I have researched it a ton before deciding to purchase it, and the Gaggia brand seems to come up top a lot of the times (as well as Senseo).
  5. Any other input from espresso maker owners?
    I'm looking for one for my husband's birthday. I don't want to spend more than $700.

    DeLonghi seems to have good reviews. I don't know much about espresso machines- pretty much we want something where we can use fresh beans and also steam milk.

    Thank you in advance :smile:
  6. Nobody?! :sad: I don't understand why there are espresso machines for $50 and ones for $500, or what the difference in taste is with automatic/manual. Any preferences or education is super greatly appreciated!!!!!! :smile:
  7. Hi!

    I hope I can help. First I must say that the espressomaschine is one of our best investments. We use it everyday. We own a la speziale dubbel boiler and are very pleased with our choice. If we would choose a singel boiler, rancilio silvia is the one that got best rewievs. It's also in your price range. Dont forget the mill!

    Good luck!

    Btw, nespresso is an alternative coffe. You can never compare it to new grinded coffe.
  8. Joli,

    Thank you for the information! I will check it out now :smile:
  9. You're welcome :smile:
  10. Thanks for the suggestions! I was also looking into getting an espresso maker and making my own drinks in the morning instead of going to Starbucks or the local coffee shop here.
  11. Update: I got too overwhelmed by the newfound world of espresso machines and bought DH a bike instead. We might cross paths with an espresso machine for the next birthday, lol.