Best Elliptical?

  1. Okay, my mom thinks I am extremely weird for having a "favorite elliptical", but I can't be the only one! We have a very nice elliptical at our house but I much prefer the commercial Precor 556, the stride is much better on my knees and I can go for more than an hour on that machine, as opposed to like 15 min on our one at home without dying.

    Any other favorites out there?
  2. I don't know the model number but I loved the Precor's at our YMCA.

    I quit my membership there and bought a Nordictrack space saver. I LOVE THAT THING! I can adjust my strides (16 in, 18 in or 20 in-it is amazing what a difference 2 inches can make!) and it has a built in fan, heart monitor and 10 different workout options. I just bought DH an exercise bike today so we can work out together! I am SO excited!

    Anyway, sorry to hijack your thread...
  3. I really like the life fitness ones - better stride so it's more like running as opposed to stepping KWIM? I priced a commercial one when I was considering a purchase - it was like 4K on sale!! I've used several types of precor as well but life fitness is still my fave, precor didn't have as nice a stride on any of the gym models I've used. I'm just sticking to my treadmill & doing elliptical @ the gym.
  4. I know exactly what you mean Megan, I bought a very pricy Precor elliptical for my home and quit the gym and found that i didnt like it! The ones at the gym are also Precor but they seemed so much better. Not sure if its actually the machine or maybe its just being at the gym instead of my home but i work out much harder and longer when i am at the gym.

    Oh i sold the elliptical and joined the gym again :p
  5. I like the Precor's at my gym, too. It is the kind on a track and you can change both the resistance and the incline. Nice, smooth movements which is great for my bad knee.
  6. I'm going to try the precor at my gym tonite for the first time and I'll report back :smile:
  7. I like both the precor and the lifefitness... but I've found that I usuallly use the lifefitness one as like, a warmup on my weights days and I use the precor when I am doing cardio and want to switch levels and resistance.
  8. We have an Octane that we use everyday and chose after much research. However, my friends have a Precor that they prefer.
  9. my apt omplex has a Precor that I love!