Best eBay description!

  1. Haha love this!!

    Could have been written my my hubby, if he knew how to use eBay!
  2. This is classic, didn't see the thread the first time round..... I might get my hubby to do the listings going forward, I love the approach and bet the ladies looking at the listing loved it too!
  3. he sounds ace! Can you post a link to the auction?
  4. i think the auction has well and truly ended lol... it was last year some time :smile:
  5. :lolots: :lolots:
  6. That was quite something ha ha ha. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    heres one i found on eBay now;

    100% genuine mulberry handbag , i should know as i paid a fortune for it in Bentalls in Kingston ,
    my wife saw the bag and she couldn't possibly live with out it ! so i bought for her and she put it in the dust bag in the wardrobe , it then came out of the wardrobe approx twice for her to look in the mirror with it on , she continued to lie to me saying she loved it and now has decided that its not what she wants !!!! why she couldn't have said this when i could still take it back i don't know !!
    it is as new and has never left the house , it still has the tissue paper in it , it is unmarked and beautiful,
    ive never really understood why handbags cost so much ,but to be fair , its really nice .
    so ,in short, its as new and im starting it a fraction of what i paid for it ,whoever buys it wont be disappointed
    no doubt once it goes the wife will have a paddy and want another one ,but quite frankly she can lump it
    shes getting book tokens from now on

    I felt sorry for him so helped him a bit.

    had a lot of questions already about the authenticity of the bag ,its called a Kensington as someone kind pointed out to me !(im a bloke what do i know !) the serial number on the back of the metal disc is 145675, if you need more pics of labels etc let me know and i will send them to you

    the bag cost £500 if you wanted to know
  7. I think I saw this on EBay & it made me laugh & that's probably how my DH would describe one of my bags lol
  8. Its still on there Mulberry kensington in oak.
    Men they'll never understand,unless theres a profit to be made then its a different kettle of fish. Show them a car and well.............
    Mines the same only worse.:rant::censor::bagslap:
    Only joking hes not that bad he has his moments.
    He He He!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your blog is quite cool loving the bright blue Celine.:supacool:
    you must keep one Mulberry its gorgeous.
    I would say that im a bit Mulberry Mad at present.
  9. Thanks for reading it & the Blue is my fav at the moment ;)

    Men are very strange & I'll never understand how there minds work & yet they have the cheek to say were strange :lol::lol:
  10. Love this thread :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. How about this one.....

    'My wife is insistent that someone will want to buy this as a 'vintage' Mulberry handbag. It is indeed a genuine, 10-year-old, Mulberry handbag that someone will allegedly want to buy, according to my wife.

    My wife says that people have stopped her in the street to admire this handbag - they must be sad and very lonely people with pitiful, vacuous empty lives IMHO, but I guess this world is awash with such human flotsam and jetsam with nothing better to do than stop my wife in the street and admire her handbag?

    I do not want to jeopardise my eBay 100% rating by advertising this as something that anyone other than the clinically insane would ever wish to purchase, but my wife is insistent that this is a highly valuable item that thousands of people will be neurotically bidding against one another to try and buy and that the eBayers that fail to win this auction will be throwing themselves off Beachy Head in droves in their raw angst's of disappointment. Hmm...

    Anyway let me know if you've any questions, e.g. "I want to buy this handbag, should I see my GP first or rather just submit myself immediately to be 'sectioned' under the Mental Health Act?"

    To anyone out there who purchases 10-year-old Mulberry handbags, any offence is unintended , but I doubted your existence, so, apologies!'
  12. Haha that's a belter!

  13. That is hilarious, soo funny!! :roflmfao:

    Paricularly love this bit:
    "[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]I included a picture of our Golden Retriever on top of a giant snowball for no other reason than it is a very nice picture. He is an immensely clever dog and I love him - he is way more obedient than any wife I've ever had!"[/FONT] :lol::lol:
  14. :lolots::lolots: