Tech best dslr for a beginner

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  1. the ultimate question is: nikon or canon?
    ive been reading reviews from different website and i still am in this big question.
    im basically looking for a dslr for a beginner, i dont know how to do settings although im willing to learn. i've been travelling a lot and i just wanted to take better, clearer pics that a regular point and shoot ( i currently have sony t700). just looking for a not so bulky and not so complicated kind (if possible)
    i currently have canon digital rebel xsi. ive heard of a newer t1i and they said the only difference is the video, w/c is not too impt but a major plus!
    also have in mind is nikon d40, i dont know if they still sell it but they said its compact and also a beginner cam.
    please help, i just need to take better pics than a point and shoot, then again looking for a not so complicated and not so big dslr.
    ive taken 2 trips so far this year and will take a big vacation overseas come march so i want to get a cam soon. im also open to other cam suggestions. :smile:
    thanks in advance!
  2. i got the nikon d3000 (after being a canon owner for MANY years). looking at reviews before i bought it most of them said it was a very good choice for someone who was just beginning with dslr's. it has options on it that help guide you through certain photos.

    they no longer sell the d40 in major retail stores but you can find them online at like ebay and stuff. what i read is that the d3000 is basically the newer version of the d40.
  3. You wont necessarily get better, clearer shots with a DSLR than a good point and shoot. The DSLR lets you take greater control over your photographs. There is a learning curve even with the more entry-level cameras. Some people are better off investing in a good point and shoot. You say you have a Canon XSi. That's a pretty good slightly-above-beginner's level camera. I have that one. The d40 (if you couls find it) would be a step backwards. What problem are you having with your XSi?
  4. Canon or Nikon, that's like the ever-lasting question of what came first, the egg or the chicken.

    My take is, go to a local photography store and check out the ergonomics of either system. Whatever feels best, pick it. Online you will find much better deals for any camera.

  5. I always refer to Amazon reviews when buying electronics..
    I'm looking for a new camera as well..I still cant decide on what to buy:confused1:
  6. Both are good. You have to feel them in your hands. And remember that you are investing in a line. The body is just a small part of it. The glass is the thing.
  7. my bad. i Dont have XSI. what i meant was i have canon digital xsi IN mINd. sorry about that.
  8. thanks for the reply. what i meant was i have canon xsi in MY mind, thinking about getting it. my point and shoot is actually good. but i want to invest in a dslr because comparing the photos that i took with my trusty sony cam compared to pics that i took with a dslr that i borrowed for a few secs from a friend (took the same shots), there was a big difference. she is also a beginner and has an xsi, that's why im impressed! but i want to know ur opinions. i also saw some pics with a d40 taken by a friend and just simply amazed about the quality.
  9. so how are you liking your d3000? do u suggest getting a nikon instead of canon? ;)
  10. thank you. that is what my point is because i AM investing in a line. :smile: which do u think i should go?
  11. thank you! i am impressed with xsi but havent had a chance to try nikon. what do u use? :graucho:
  12. I am getting Nikon d300s as soon i get my income tax refund.yipee..excited.,...currently i have sony cybershot t200.
  13. you can look at the website dpreview for really extensive reviews of cameras.

    i recently got my first dSLR and chose a Canon T1i. it's very easy to use, and is small compared to any other SLRs i looked at.

    i think you should stop by a photo store so you can try out some Nikons and Canons to see which you prefer- I went in with a list of several choices after looking at dpreview, and as soon as i picked up my T1i i knew i wanted that one.
  14. I also have a Canon T1i. The reason that I chose Canon over Nikon is becuz of the color of the pictures they produce. I prefer the Canon color (I don't do a lot of PS) and also, I think generally the Nikon lenses are more expensive than the Canon ones. You should definitely go try them out in the store, maybe bring a memory card with you, take some pics with both cameras and compare them when you go home. And it also has to do with the lenses you wanna pair with your dslr. So maybe also consider that before you go in and try them.
  15. Thanks everyone for your replies. ive read that xsi and t1i are not that much different for other features except for the video. now i cant decide if i want the video or not. it definitely comes in handy though. now ive heard that t2i is coming out in march and is much better than t1i.

    now my dilemma is to get a cam with video or not.

    i think im down to xsi or the new t2i model.

    which one to choose? i dont know. although the price is soo different but is investing in a much more expensive t2i worth it?