Best drugstore night cream for a 20 year old?

  1. I know, I'm only 20 but its never too early! Especially in the summer I feel like my skin needs an extra boost and so Im looking for a night cream. Something to moisturize, maybe help with some forehead lines, just an overall good cream. Since I'm 20 and a poor college student id prefer something relatively inexpensive from the drugstore. Any suggestions?
  2. Cerave is a great one. I also like the Eucerin line for faces because it's dermatologist recommended and no unnecessary fragrances. Both are inexpensive and good for your age. To help with lines, exfoliate a couple times a week with an alpha hydroxy product such as lactic or glycolic acid. You can use it in face wash, mask, or cream form. The best thing to do at your age is stay moisturized and exfoliate regularly, and sunscreen during the day. Maybe in a few years, you can try one with more antiaging properties, but you're young so you won't see any difference now from creams. Most don't do what they claim, anyway.
  3. Cerave, Cetaphil, or Nivea. I use them all interchangeably.
  4. Its never too early to start using anti-aging products! I just started too. My mom used them in her 20s and now in her 40s gets asked if she's my sister, and I'm 21! I'd only recommend CeraVe if you were not using any products to treat acne. I know of people who used this and it broke them out so bad! It is supposed to restore your protective skin barriers, but if your skin is already damaged (breakouts, etc.) it will make them worse. I'd recommend products from Oil of Olay, L'Oreal Youth Code, and Neutrogena is great for oily skin (also makes a mean cleanser). I also love Cetaphil products.
  5. I used Oil of Olay's Total Effects as a night cream even though it wasn't specifically a night cream when I was 21/22. It was great, affordable, and it made my skin look amazing.
  6. Cetaphil, or German (not Mexican) Nivea.
  7. I like the CeraVe lotiony cleanser in the winter and the lotion. It's a pretty light weight formula which is nice.

    I used to use the Cetaphil cleanser but wanted to stay away from sulfates. The moisturizer was too heavy for my skin and caused breakouts.
  8. I like CeraVe Cleanser & Face Moisturizing lotion
  9. I really like the Oil of Olay regenerist line and it's always getting good reviews. I like Origins products too and for a department store brand, they're not too pricey.
  10. Oil of Olay really does get good reviews. I also like CeraVe in the big jar.
  11. I love love love Olay Daily Renewal.. it's a BHA cream. I'm 24 and have been using this for a couple of years. Check out the reviews - many people rave about it. Also, only $10 :smile:
  12. Anything from Cetaphil/Cerave is amazing and really gentle. However, sometimes I find that they are too heavy for the summer months when I try to use lighter products. The Burt's Bees for Sensitive Skin has a full line (day cream, night cream and a cleanser) that are wonderful for moisturizing in the heat.
  13. Fresh lotus youth preserve face cream with super 7 complex
  14. I like Olay Total Effects too.