Best dressy & Practical bag opinions please

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  1. Ok,,

    So I am looking for something practical - something I can wear daily and that is roomy as I have a beautiful 6 month old lil boy, yet it has to be dressy... I want to be able to wear on nights out etc - not too dressy though.

    I use my NF daily and it really is a godsend with kids but I want something a little more ???

    I figure that I never really get the need for a super dressy bag but I would like something that has versatility..

    Any opinions

  2. Have you thought about the Artsy? The Artsy is a show stopper in my opinion. I also have the Marylebone which I love but that may be too similar to your neverfull. There's the Evora too! Have fun deciding!
  3. I would suggest something that has a shoulder strap that can be removed - brea was the first bag that came to mind. Empriente speedy would be pretty. The cabas rosebery is also lovely if you prefer canvas.
  4. Yes... Artsy is lovely... but a quick question... is it done in DE? in the UK I can't see one in DE which makes me think they never have done one... The reason I ask is because I love DE (and have not got anything in DE)
  5. I have a feeling that the speedy will be a tad small ????

    I love the brea but it always comes across at a bit too dressy????
  6. No the Artsy is just in the mono and azur currently. If you want DE there also is the Verona which has a shoulder strap and it's a lovely bag! Oh and the beloved Trevi in DE, can't go wrong with the Trevi!
  7. Awwww gutted, I would love artsy in DE hahaha knew they didnt do her!!!

    I don't mind the verona or trevi kinda wanted to move away from the pleated style of trevi though as I have a tivoli??
  8. Speedy B in empreinte? More costly though....
  9. Have you thought of anything in the epi line? The neverfull in the epi is gorgeous! I carry my Marylebone almost every day and I think it's the DE print that makes it seem somewhat dressy. Put a charm or a bandeau on the bag to dress it up if needed.
  10. Yeah .. ATM, not totally out the question though..

    I do love them:smile:
  11. Well...

    I just seen a gorgeous reveal with a lovely bandeau, and it quite taken my eye:biggrin:

  12. I would not recommend the Verona - I got the mm on the day it was released - I was over the moon waiting for that bag to be released and to get the only one available - prettiest DE bag IMHO. But so uncomfortable that I sold it last year. There are days that I miss it, but it drove me crazy.

    What print/material do you want?
  13. Dunno got Azur/Mono so maybe DE or move towards epi... gotta be really kinda hardy though as I have a baby so I wanna be able to use it daily whilst I am ferrying the kids about:smile:
  14. Ebene is safer with kids around but Trevi might be too heavy by the time you fill it up with essentials. Artsy mono is very dressy yet light and practical enough for you and your 6 month old
  15. Westminster gm! I have a toddler and am due any day with number two, and this bag is comfy, functionable, and dressier looking than most. Plus zip topped!