Best Dior Bargains!

  1. I didn't see a thread posted about bargains. Not sale items, but actual fluke bargains!

    I have a great story and I thought I'd share-I'd also love to hear others.

    Early 2006 the Dior Country pump came out. I love Dior shoes and had to have these. Retail price was $720. Since I had credit from being a Saksfirst member I decided to use that and still pay somewhere close to $500 for these.

    Here's the best part! Bergdorf listed them online at the WRONG price. They had them online for about $450 instead of $720. Not only did I have credit at Saks, but they PRICED MATCHED since Bergdorf is Neimans. My total out of pocket was only $200!!! A few days later Bergdorf corrected their site and price to $720. It's my best story yet and I still love these shoes...super comfy!

  2. congrats and the shoes are :drool:

    my best bargain was the mini gaucho which i got for £230 from daibro but it retails at £595 here in the Dior boutiques :smile:
  3. I got an authentic pink/magenta diorissimo boston bag from eBay for around $245. I believe it retailed for around $725ish?
  4. Great deal, I was watching a brown one and it ended up going for $455.
  5. congrats!!
  6. You girls have been really lucky!:girlsigh:
    My best purchase so far has been the Dior Cannage Drawstring Bag (large) in white lambskin from eBay in £159! It's been lightly used but there's absolutely no marks of it, and I love that bag so much! :heart::love:

  7. what an amazing deal hun ! :nuts:
  8. love the shoes, so cute