Best designer jeans?

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  1. I need to buy a new pair or two because of some recent weight loss- my current jeans are looking a little dumpy. I normally wear Hudson and True Religion- but I love my old Theory jeans from about 6 years ago (I think the designer left). Anyways, I want jeans that are bootcut, dark wash, at least a 7.5" rise. I would get another pair of Hudson jeans- but I have 3 "flap" pocket ones so I need something different. Thinking about J Brand (not sure how I feel about all the stretch) Paige (don't know much about them) or something else.
    What is everyone's opinions? What are your favorite jeans and why?

    thanks girls!
  2. I just got some 7FAM jeans that they call their "skinny bootcut"- they are super dark, have lots of stretch and plain pockets, and are bootcut but not flared. I haven't measured the rise but I'm pretty long waisted and found them to be comfortably high waisted. They weren't belly button high, but my butt was in no danger of popping out!
  3. I'm like you and love Hudson's...but I also LOVE AG's...then Paige's..Seven's~These are mostly what I have.
    J Brands just don't fit me right no matter how hard I try(skinnies). Too much gap at the top..and I don't like how they make me look.