Best designer clothes for petite people??

  1. I love designer clothes, but a lot of designer clothes (Like Gucci's clothes) start in a size six, so I can never buy any designer clothes. I have a lot of cheap clothes, and I need some nice designer clothes now but it's hard because I'm petite, and I'm a size 0. I go on net-a-porter to search a lot, but a lot of the clothes start in a size four, and a two at a lot of places. Can anybody help????
  2. I think Dolce Gabbana is good for petite people. Good Luck.
  3. I've tried on some Dolce & Gabbana that's really tiny but I'm also short so I've had that problem with it. I have trouble finding anything that fits me right.
  4. Go for D&G. Their sizes start at 22/36! If pants/skirts are too long, you can always hem them (usually done for free at higher end department stores ie. Holt Renfrew)
  5. I'm also a size zero and have found that Gucci, like all Italian lines, runs incredibly small... doesn't seem like it should be a problem finding a Gucci dress that fits.

    Lela Rose, Tracy Reese and Diane von Furstenberg are some of my favorites. The majority of their silhouettes and cuts seem flattering to those of us 5'3" and under.
  6. I'm surprised you've had problems with Gucci too. Most european brands are very small - their size 6 is not the same as an American size 6.

    I'm 5'2", 110 lbs and I like DVF a lot - I wear a size 6 in her clothing, and I'm a 0 in most US brands. Burberry, Chanel, D&G, Prada are all quite slim fitting.

    A tailor can also help take things in for you too.
  7. try, they have many designers and you can search by size.
  8. My mom is tiny, and loves Max Mara, Rebecca Taylor, Milly, Nanette Lepore, etc.
  9. mcb100, Gucci's clothing actually doesn't start at a 6. A 38 Italian is about a 0/2.

    Not exactly sure where you're from, but a size 0 US is comparable to a 32/34 French, 36/38 Italian, and a 4 UK.

    I would try the diffusion lines for Italian brands, like D&G, Just Cavalli, GF Jeans, etc., as they make them in 36s and, in general, cut those clothes smaller than the main lines.

    Good luck!
  10. I have to agree that Gucci's sizing can be very dependent on the particular style. I have tried many clothes that are way too big for me in size 38, but was pleasantly surprised to find some of their clothes that fit really well. So definitely try everything on before buying. Also, a lot of places will alter the clothes for perfect fit. It's rare for them not to offer that service.
  11. I am only 4'9 and a size 0 in MIlly, DVF, and Nanette Lepore. In Chanel I am a 34. D&G is the best line for my body type. The only thing I have to do is shorten some jacket sleeves (sometimes). It is a perfect line for petites!
  12. I usually wear 36 or 38 in Italian sizes and are best for my body type. I also wear a size 0 in DVF. I agree with everyone else - a good tailor makes a huge difference. If you buy at a department store they'll usually tailor for free.
  13. I love Emporio Armani.. it is cut perfectly for a smaller person. I have many jackets, pants, and suits from them and the only thing that I have to take in is the length.. which isn't surprising for my height.