best design & prints

  1. whats your favourite design and prints of toki doki?

    im torn between zucca and gioco; amore and spiaggia
  2. I think that my favorite print will be the Transporto. My favorite design is the Gioco.
  3. I think my favorite prints are Amore & Transporto. My fave bag style is definitely bella. idk it just suits me.
  4. For design i like ciao best, and for prints i used to like playground, but now i like amore and may be transporto after i see it irl
  5. my favorite print is foresta & style is campeggio. i use to love the mamma mia, but the last few weeks i've been loving my campeggios.
  6. Hmmmm... I don't know. I really love Inferno right now. I also like the Spiaggia items I'm getting... I haven't received my Inferno MM yet but that may be my favorite style. Or maybe the zucca once I get it? I dunno!!
  7. ATM, its foresta print and the mamma mia style!!

    Foresta - green! My fave color!
    Mamma Mia - the perfect little tote!

    Too bad I dont have a Foresta mamma mia bag.. :crybaby:

    Although Adios is my fave character, I like the foresta better than the adios star
  8. fav style: bella
    fav print: foresta (might change when i see the spiaggia IRL)
  9. Print: Amore! I'm also getting into Paradiso/Inferno but I go back and forth between the two.

    Style: I LOVE my Gioco! I really want a Zucca and just the way it looks and how much stuff everyone says it holds, that might be a favorite too.
  10. MissDana: you crack me up :lol:

    Hmm right now it would be my Inferno MM :biggrin:
  11. Right now (it does change!):

    Print: Amore and Inferno
    Sytle: Zucca and Dolce
  12. Inferno Bambinone. Kind of think I would have like the Stellina more if I had one though.:p
  13. for now, favorite print is Amore and favorite style is between zucca and mamma mia :]
  14. fave style: buon viaggio
    fave print: all playgrounds then blue citta

    i feel like i'm the only one that doesnt like amore, inferno or foresta. too bright for me!
  15. dreams of toki/momo.chan - i totally agree with you, my fav print changes too but i chose foresta (for now) because my bella has perfect placement

    sads_pup - i don't have a stellina yet either so my favorite bag might change too once i get one. lol.

    little baby - as you can see (from most of our responses) that it's hard to chose just ONE favorite print and style and is probably why we all have a collection of toki bags. lmao. :roflmfao: