Best deals on Black city?

  1. so after trying to convince myself I only needed one black balenciaga bag.... and succeeding for like a few weeks since I was and am still so happy with my protoypey purse....I can't live in denial anymore...I WANT A BLACK CITY!!! :yahoo: (well getting a fake one in June surely put me off for a few months too :throwup: but now the urge is back again:graucho: ). So I'm starting up a Bbag fund. I'm not sure I want to wait till Xmas to get one from the Boutique, plus I've heard conflicting comments on the 06 leather (by the way any input on 06 black cities would be appreciated?)
    So my actual question is: if u didn't get your bags at a usual retailer how much did u get your black city for (ie on Ebay, etc)? What years/seasons are most wanted/ have the best leather and could justify paying above retail?
    I was thinking of $800 as a limit, guess that's not enough?:confused1:
    Also something else I don't get: I didn't think of Black as a rare color (it's not like black is different from one season to the other right :yes: ) but on Ebay it seems that black cities would go for more than colored ones (and I'm not talking about fancy silver hardware, etc)
  2. I got one recently from BNY and the leather is beautiful. Here are some pictures. It was 1195. plus shipping. Ebay scares me. I got stung with 2 fakes so for now, I refuse to buy bags anywhere but from a brick and mortar authentic dealer.
    pic022.jpg pic020.jpg
  3. THanks for posting Powderpuff, you and your bag are gorgeous :drool: ! I totally know what you mean with Ebay fuss (fake risk+ shipping+ customs, etc etc) vs Boutique serenity. Good to know you're happy with the leather too.
    I can't decide myself whether i like my bags new or preloved better though?! I guess that so who has both could tell me?
    I did a search and saw that Fiatflux got this amazing deal a few weeks ago eBay: 10000% AUTHENTIC BALENCIAGA EARLY 05 BLACK CITY!!!!! (item 260020440670 end time Aug-13-06 20:39:53 PDT)
    and the leather looks so smooshy... and yeah did I mention the price :wtf:
  4. powderpuff that blk bbag looks amazing on you congrats! now i want a black one too :sad:
  5. Powderpuff, the leather of your city is soooo yummy, yummy, yummy and i agree with Olfa that you and your bag look gorgeous.

    Olfa, I haven't seen a black city for less than U$800 yet but keep on might just get lucky one day.
  6. Wow that is a beautiful bag. Just keep checking Ebay, a black City shouldn't be that hard to find. I just got scared after I paid authentic prices for 2 fakes a couple of years ago. I buy other things on Ebay all of the time, just not handbags. Even if it is authenticated here, the pictures could be stolen or they buy one bag, take pics and send another. Until Ebay cracks down on this rampant fraud with fakes, I will do without or pay retail.
    Now I wouldn't hesitate to buy from someone on TPF if they had one listed. But there are so many sellers of fake bags on Ebay, I just can't bring myself to hit that bid button. :P
  7. Thank you, I love that bag. Daphne at BNY did a fabulous job of picking it out. I said that I only wanted a black if it was thick, smooshy and not veiny. She said she found a fabulous one, that she and the manager went through all the black bags. :yahoo: I was thrilled when it arrived. She was a perfect black city and exactly what I had hoped for.
  8. Gorgeous black city!
  9. congratulations on your black city powderfuff! I agree with you on ebay I paid an authentic price for a FAKE! so I did get one until I daphanie pick out the most beautiful black city for me my pics are on this thread somewhere. Olfa don't worry you'll get a deal it's out there:yes:
  10. I would just keep an eye out on eBay olfa and snipe at your budget every chance one comes up- eventually it'll happen! 800 is gonna be a little hard, I think you'll fine one quickly for 1000, it might take a little time and effort to find one at 800, but it does happen! good luck and I'll keep an eye out for yah! :flowers:
  11. Thanks to you all !:flowers:
    Keodi I've seen the thread on ur bbag, it's gorgeous!:drool:
    Mocean I've also seen your repaired city, amazing job!
    (you and your pcitures actually ALL hold a part of responsibility in my recent "I cant do without a Black city backlash":roflmfao: )
  12. hahaahahahaha! sorry about that! :sweatdrop: :P :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  13. oh thnks Ashley! now I want a shopper and a city!!:wtf: oh God this one isn't gonna stay up for auction long, me can't splurge or not to splurge that is the question :Push:
  14. hum financial check: Bbag fund balance: 40 far I can afford the tassels:Push: :crybaby: