Best deal you've ever gotten on an MJ?

  1. I got the Stone MBMJ Lovely Aline Satchel for $297 shipped from Bluefly! I was looking for this bag forever and it happen to pop up on their site this Mother's Day for an additional 10% off. I was also able to find another coupon code for an additional $30 off. I was thrilled needless to say.
  2. I think all my MJs have been steals:

    Eggplant New Tote for $250
    Maroon Sophia for $240
    Spearmint Venetia for $300
    Eggplant Quinn for $99
    Stone Pocket Satchel for $200

    And my latest, a periwinkle Anouk for $141!
  3. Wow. None of my MJs were steals...
  4. Mine are

    Petunia Blake - $500 TJ Maxx Boston
    Brick Red Louise $175 Saks of Fifth Las Vegas
    Lavendar Sophia £150 - eBay
  5. Just got a Cherrytart Ines from *bay for $650, deal or no deal, I had planned to get this at the Nordies sale, but just couldn't resist the BIN button! Still think I did better than the sale.....
  6. My eBay Steals

    Ursula Quited hobo in Moss Green - $147 shipped.
    Brick Key Pouch - $34 Shipped
    Cucumber Sophia - $180 Shipped
    Petal Anouck - $139 Shipped.

    :love:I love ebay:love: - If i didnt have it this poor college student would probably have no MJ!...and thats a horrible thought!
  7. I am so glad you bought it, Its LOVELY! :woohoo:
    If i didnt already have a Petal Anouk in the mail, I would have wanted it too!
  8. I think the prices I buy my MJ bags for are pretty good, and definitely a deal if it's anywhere below retail especially for HTF colors.

    My best score so far is the Bev Wristlet/Clutch which I won on Ebay for $46, originally $330

  9. OOPS, it was originally $350 according to elux.
  10. It just arrived about an hour ago and it's ADORABLE. Yay! I need to take an updated MJ family photo.
  11. this thread gives me hope for scoring dream items!!! *dreams of gorgeous zip clutches* :-P
  12. grey mayfair for $354 plus taxes :smile:
  13. No more deals? I'm sure some of you scored great deals w/ this ongoing sales! C'mon now! :popcorn: :p
  14. nothing from sales, but i did just pick up an original cammie for $99 and a ferrari red makeup pouch for $25. :smile:
  15. ^ Nice job! I bet the Ferrari Red makeup pouch is stunning! :drool: