Best deal on Marc by Marc Jacobs Lovely Aline?

  1. Hi all!

    I usually hang out in the Chloe and Deals and Steals forums, but I think I really love the M by MJ Lovely Aline in Stone...Does anyone know where the best deal can be found? I posted this in Deals and Steals before I thought it belonged here...

    Does anyone know where to find the best deal on this bag? I'm looking for it in Stone.

    Here are my current options:

    Bloomingdales: $478 + 7% tax + ship
    Nordstrom: $478+7% tax + $5 sh
    Shopbop: $478 + no tax + free ship
    Zappos: $481+ no tax + free ship

    Both Zappos and Shopbop have 6% back through fatwallet.

    Zappos has a better return policy...

    Anyone know of any better deals? Any coupon codes? This bag won't sell out, will it? I really DON'T need another bag, so I can wait for a better deal I guess...:rolleyes:
  2. I ordered my lovely aline in the nice tan color about 2 weeks ago from zappos just b/c I like shopping with them and the shipping is free overnight!!! :tup: I was looking on zappos just now and the only color they are showing in the aline is the nice tan. I have seen it on their website in the stone and also white. It's a big bag but I love it and it's so soft!! Good luck!!
  3. Thank you! I called Zappos and they said they expected another shipment from MJ in October. I like the tan as well... now I'm torn... Does the tan color look richer depthwise? Sometimes when I look at pictures of the stone color, it looks sort of flat. Is it just me??
  4. it's hard to know whether a bag is going to sell out or not. i have seen bags that were gone the minute they were available on a site and others have been available for months only to be sold out when i finally decide i wanted to get it. personally, i would order it soon to avoid the latter from happening to you especially if you really like the bag.

    i have always preferred buying mbmj items through shopbop because of the free shipping and no tax. i've never had any problems returning anything to them. i hate that zappos charges a little more than retail. i have no idea why they do that other than to recover some of the shipping costs. who knows.

    mbmj are great value bags. you'll love it. post pics when you get it!
  5. I think the tan color is a very rich color. When I first saw the aline, the only color I was interested in was the tan b/c I am a brown bag kinda girl in that brown is my black! (I don't even have any black bags)! hehe. But I would probably just do maybe a google search for the bag and look at the different photos of it online to get a sense of what the color might look like in person. I have not seen the stone color in person but I feel like most photos of the nice tan have been true to what it really looks like. I know it's on shopbop, neiman marcus and eluxury sites. If you decide to order it, I hope you will love it! :love:
  6. I agree with the Zappos charging a little more comment. I think you are probably right about it's b/c of the shipping. Maybe the best bet is to order it from shopbop (no tax and free shipping too). I just used zappos b/c I have shopped with them alot and I've never bought anything from shopbop. I'm sure they are great too though! And I have 4 MbyMJ bags and they are all awesome and I've had them for serveral years and they hold up quite well for me!
  7. Hi- Just posted in the deals & Steals on this: If you see it cheaper on-line, Zappos will price match plus 10% of difference. So even though Zappos on high-end of retail price for items, I've had really good luck at getting them at the lowest price, with the fabulous service.
    My DH & one of my children abhor shopping in stores, so I order lots for them on-line (ie. multiple size shoes) until we find what works.

    **** Hope no one thinks I have anything to do with company!!! - But just want to pass on my knowledge .....
  8. I was going to mention that Zappos will price match + 10% as long as the cheaper store has the same color/style in stock. But AbbytheBT beat me to it. :p
  9. Hi all, I just posted this in Deals & Steals, but I thought I post here too. I got my Lovely Aline in Stone today from Shopbop, and it is gorgeous. I love the smoky brown's beautiful! So soft, too!
  10. Congrats!! I am glad you are happy with it!!!
  11. I have a bloomingdale coupon for 10% off... if you want that, i can email it to you... but their shipping is a little expensive.. Good Luck!!
  12. hmm.. ill just copy over what i posted just a few minutes ago, maybe i can get a lil bit of help?

    i dont think i want the aline, maybe something smaller? so i looked and searched and found just the lovely satchel.

    (i didnt want to start a new thread... either here or in MJ)

    but it seems like a more practical choice for myself. i have a speedy 25 and think thats kinda big.

    but zappos, im reading great reviews on it, but i cant seem to find the satchel there! i am planning on placing an order with shopbop... did my research and everything, but maybe i should hold off and wait til a deal comes? but what if i loose my chance and it not be available. does zappos usually restock? do you think shopbop will? does any two of the sites have any promotions or codes available to be used? maybe im asking impractical questions. but ehh.. it doesnt hurt to ask!

    oh and the picture shown from the zappos site (through the above thread link) the stitching is off.. and weird... and noticable. as opposed to the picture on shopbop. im wondering if anyone ever seen the bag in person in the stone color and if it is merely close to the hideous picture of the contrast stitching as it is on the stock photo from zappoes. maybe its just flash, but idk.

    talk about a reply =T
    any help would be appreciated! __________________
  13. Beebz,

    Zappos does restock, I asked to be put on the email notification list and they told me more would be arriving in October. If you call Shopbop, they are very nice and they will tell you how many they have left in each color. You can also ask about a coupon code, but I called them the week before their great code and they told me they did not know when another sale code would be issued. Good thing I waited.

  14. yeah, it seems as if i should just call either one of the stores, or hang on tight and wait for zappos... and it'lll pop up.

    thanks for the reply/help bagatella!