Best deal on Marc by Marc Jacobs Lovely Aline?

  1. Does anyone know where to find the best deal on this bag? I'm looking for it in Stone.

    Here are my current options:

    Bloomingdales: $478 + 7% tax + ship
    Nordstrom: $478+7% tax + $5 sh
    Shopbop: $478 + no tax + free ship
    Zappos: $481+ no tax + free ship

    Both Zappos and Shopbop have 6% back through fatwallet.

    Zappos has a better return policy...

    Anyone know of any better deals? Any coupon codes? This bag won't sell out, will it? I really DON'T need another bag, so I can wait for a better deal I guess...:rolleyes:
  2. I'd do through Zappos with the 110% dif guarantee: match the Shopbop price plus $1.50 extra off plus excellent return.

    Also can get price adjustment if found on-line cheaper within X # of days I think.
  3. I got it from approximately two weeks ago. Got a 20% off coupon through Toutie, no tax, $5 shipping. Total came to $387. It's the only deal I could find on the bag, and I looked everywhere!

    StandardStyle sold out of all of their Marc bags, but you might want to drop them a note to see if they have any more stock coming in.

    It's a really nice bag, BTW. Squishy leather, and the stone is an unusual color.
  4. yep u can look thru touties website to see if any site with coupon codes offer that bag
  5. Omg, that's the bag that I'm hoping to get for my bday next week! Same color too! So far, I've only found the same deal as you have but if I had to buy it right now, I'd probably get it through Zappos because of their great customer service.
  6. if you can hold out until the 3rd week of Sept, Bloomie's will be having a "private sale" then, $25. off every $100. (up to 4), then possibly an additional 15% off, I'm not sure if they discount the Marc Jacobs or not.

  7. Thanks!
  8. Ooooh, thanks for the info! I'll wait until then. Hopefully Marc Jacobs will be included.
  9. Like you, I love this bag. I just ordered it on Shopbop using their new offer for Fall 2007 and got it for $125 off (I added a shirt to bring the total to over $500 to get the discount). Check it out on shopbop and good luck!
  10. is this deal good for everything at bloomies?
  11. what about shopepic? they have the tan color, and now 30% off code!

    oops wanted stone. but that is still a good deal imo :smile:
  12. Oooh, that is a good deal! I already ordered mine from Shopbop. But go get it, girls! That's a hot deal!
  13. I received my Lovely Aline in Stone today from Shopbop! It is truly awesome. It has the feel and construction of a bag that is much more expensive! The leather is so soft, as are the handles--they fit so comfortably on my shoulder! And the color is beautiful...sort of a smoky mocha brown. I'm also very impressed with Shopbop's super-fast shipping!
  14. Wow, I'm so jealous... Still waiting for a good deal to come up. I missed the Shopbop $125 off deal. :sad:
  15. i dont think i want the aline, maybe something smaller? so i looked and searched and found just the lovely satchel.

    (i didnt want to start a new thread... either here or in MJ)

    but it seems like a more practical choice for myself. i have a speedy 25 and think thats kinda big.

    but zappos, im reading great reviews on it, but i cant seem to find the satchel there! i am planning on placing an order with shopbop... did my research and everything, but maybe i should hold off and wait til a deal comes? but what if i loose my chance and it not be available. does zappos usually restock? do you think shopbop will? does any two of the sites have any promotions or codes available to be used? maybe im asking impractical questions. but ehh.. it doesnt hurt to ask!

    oh and the picture shown from the zappos site (through the above thread link) the stitching is off.. and weird... and noticable. as opposed to the picture on shopbop. im wondering if anyone ever seen the bag in person in the stone color and if it is merely close to the hideous picture of the contrast stitching as it is on the stock photo from zappoes. maybe its just flash, but idk.

    talk about a reply =T
    any help would be appreciated!