Best deal on an Inferno scuola?

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  1. My son said he really wants an inferno backpack and I'll get him one if I can find one for a super deal! :yes: Is my best bet calling around to a macy's during one of their big sales events? And have you seen these at any of the Macy's? Our Macys in Nashville doesn't carry tokis. :sad: Or am I better off trying to get it at an outlet waiting for the price to drop to half? Can you girls help me out? :confused1: Thanks! Its gotta be under a hundred for me to even consider it!
  2. reserve not met yet...goodluck if you decide to bid on it :biggrin:
  3. yeah, I saw that one. I think the outlets have them right now and was wondering if I could get one cheaper through them or macys? The tokis on eBay are not necessarily a great deal. Its great for knowing print placement, but my son doesn't care about that!